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This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.
Time Left:  Auction Closed
Location:  KY, USA
Bid Closes: Jul 27 - 3:00pm EST
Manufacturer: DIASONICS
Model: VST Master Spectra P
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This is a Self-Managed Auction
What You Are Bidding On:
Diasonics VST Master Spectra Plus :
Includes : 1. Complete VST Master Plus Ultrasound 2. One 3.5 MI convex linear array probe. 3. Sony printer
4. Panasonic SVHS portable recorder with all cables. 5. Operaters manual Approx. 400 pages
SELLING "AS IS" for parts . Units seems to power up normally and color and mono screens come on. but it never fully
boots up to a menu screen. I suspect the operating system software is missing or needs reloaded but
I do not know. The hard drive spins and the green light comes on. It is possible the OS is on the
hard drive but the drive needs replaced. We have reseated all main boards and checked all cables were
connected . We are not a tech and do not have software or diagnostic manual to further check this out.
A very clean unit and seems likely knowledgable buyer could restore software or replace hard drive
to make this boot up and run properly . Selling "AS IS" in this condition. Probe looks pristine
but without machine operating no way to check it out. We will arrange best possible shipping for
lowest cost to buyer or ship only components if that is your preference. We have tested the portable
Panasonic recorder and it seems to play and record normally when hooked up to an external monitor.
If you ship entire machine it is about 400 lbs so take weight and size into consideration when
estimating shipping cost
The equipment is deinstalled and in storage.
Selling AS IS for parts. Unit is very clean but never fully boots to a menu screen. Acts like a PC with missing or corrupted OS that needs reloaded or needing a new hard drive.
Probe is pristine but no way to test. the Panasonic SVHS
AG7400SVGS recorder did test out ok using external monitor.
You are free to inspect this equipment but if you want to inspect the equipment please do so before you bid. If you would like to arrange to inspect this equipment click on "Email Seller" above.

The equipment is located in Lexington, Ky.
The equipment will be available immediately upon receipt of payment in full.
This equipment is offered in accordance with the "Auction Terms" and "Legal Notice" of www.dotmed.com. No warranty is expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All equipment is sold "as is" and "where is".
Additional Services:
We will bubble wrap and shrink wrap for a small fee
of approx. $ 75.00. If you want to ship us a floppy drive
to test the machine or a hard drive with os we will plug it in
and verify if that resolves the boot issue and makes it operational. IF we resolve the problem this way the machine sell price may need to be adjusted. We will be fair but if we do extra work and testing to make it operational we expect an added fee to do this. If it does not resolve it test disk will be returned and normal As Is sale price will apply.
At the close of the Auction, the Winning Bidder will receive an email introducing the Winning Bidder to the Seller.

The Winning Bidder agrees to make contact with the Seller within one business day of the close of the Auction and to remit payment in full within three business days of the close of the Auction.

If the Winning Bidder fails to make contact with the Seller within one business day or to remit the payment within three business days then the auctioned item may be sold to the next highest bidder and the Winning Bidder may be negatively rated, banned from and Blacklisted on DOTmed and charged a penalty equal to
$2000 or the amount of the winning bid whichever is less.
Deinstallation, packing, crating and transportation will be paid by the Winning Bidder.

Title will transfer to the Winning Bidder upon payment in full.

Important Notice:

This is a Seller Self-Managed Auction, and all questions will go directly to the Seller. Payment arrangements must be made with the Seller when the auction closes. You can learn more about Self-Managed Auctions here.

This Auction is CLOSED.

Bidder Bid Date Quantity Bid Amount
This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.
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