The combined ratings across the registered users below qualified these companies for DOTmed 100 for 2014. The companies are listed alphabetically, not by numerical position.

The winners were determined by a combination of the quality of their 5-Star ratings and the total number of combined individual 5-Star ratings. Bold indicates DOTmed Certified

DOTmed User Avg Rating
AA Medical Store Joe Mau starstarstarstarstar
ADN-Medical Ltd. Yaron Matar starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Emilie Buisson starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Patrick Chapus starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Kenneth Bjoern Hansen starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Anders Fage Jensen starstarstarstarstar
Agito Medical Martin Paalsson Elbaek starstarstarstarstar
Agito Medical William Vingaard starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Mads Vittrup starstarstarstarstar
Agito Medical ApS Pia Nielsen starstarstarstarhalf star
A. Imagign Solutions, Inc. Carolyn Lauriello starstarstarstarstar
A. Imaging Solutions David Stopak starstarstarstarstar
All Imaging Systems. Loc Le starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics John (JB) Brant starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Thomas Dukes starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Iliana Fajardo starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Michael Kingery starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Robert Serros Jr. starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Nathan Welch starstarstarstarstar
A+ Medical Company, Inc. Jason Botko starstarstarstarhalf star
A+Medical Company, Inc Brittney Phillips starstarstarstarstar
American Radiology Resource David Pac starstarstarstarstar
Anamika Medical Mudi Ramesh starstarstarstarstar
ANDA Medical Inc. David Lapenat starstarstarstarstar
Associated Imaging Services Grant Norris starstarstarstarstar
Bay Shore Medical Yolanda Pena starstarstarstarstar
Bay Shore Medical, LLC John Kollegger starstarstarstarstar
Bazzimed Jamal Bazzi starstarstarstarstar
BC Technical Kenneth Smith starstarstarstarstar
Bemes, Inc. Anthony Burgos starstarstarstarstar
Best Used Medical Equipment Stephen Powner starstarstarstarstar
Beta Medical Damon Dembkoski starstarstarstarstar
Better Imaging Solutions, Inc. Darlene Benavidez starstarstarstarstar
Bio Basics Global Ben Eden starstarstarstarstar
Bio Basics Global Jason Eden starstarstarstarstar
Biomedix Medical Jason Ragazzo starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging Jeremy Block starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging International Jason Block starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging International Steve Rentz starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging International Brian von Gunten starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging International, Inc. Krista Kotrla starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging International, Inc. Chris Sharrock starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging Parts & Service, Inc. Paul Beard starstarstarstarstar
Block Imaging Parts & Service, Inc. Chad Seelye starstarstarstarstar
BMX-RAY INC. Bill Masters starstarstarstarstar
Capital Medical Resources Lee Ann Purtell starstarstarstarstar
C&C Medical Solutions Inc. Christopher Turner starstarstarstarstar
C&C Medical Solutions Inc. Chrystal Turner starstarstarstarstar
Choice Medical Systems Inc Derrell McCrary starstarstarstarstar
Clinical Imaging Systems, Inc. Ryan W. Gilday starstarstarstarstar
COAST TO COAST MEDICAL Kevin Blaser starstarstarstarstar
Coast to Coast Medical, Inc. Jesus Carlos starstarstarstarstar
Colossus Medical Chris Bridges starstarstarstarstar
Complete Medical Services Steve Adams starstarstarstarstar
Complete Medical Services David Orlando starstarstarstarstar
COMPLETE MEDICAL SERVICES Tony Orlando starstarstarstarstar
Complete Medical Services Jae Perez-Kim starstarstarstarstar
CRC Biomedical Services Mickey Couvertier, CBET, CLRT starstarstarstarstar
Crumpton Medical Sales David Crumpton starstarstarstarstar
Danan Medical Systems Daniel Finerman starstarstarstarstar
Davis Medical Electronics Inc Ryan Davis starstarstarstarstar
DCSP Medical Keith Paterson starstarstarstarstar
DESOTO DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING CENTER Marshall Shannon starstarstarstarstar
DiaMedical USA Jeff Ambrose starstarstarstarstar
Dobbs Medical Sales, Inc. Jeffrey S. Dobbs starstarstarstarstar
Doctors Depot, Inc. Aaron Frye starstarstarstarstar
DODODO Medical Equipment Service Co., Ltd. Welshen Gao starstarstarstarstar
DXE Medical, Inc. Blake Barclay starstarstarstarstar
Eastern Surgical Company Thomas Merolla starstarstarstarstar
Elite Medical Teddy Cohen starstarstarstarstar
E.L. Parts, LLC Eric Langsfeld starstarstarstarstar
ElsMed Ltd & Relaxation Inc Ronen Bechor starstarstarstarstar
EndocorpUSA Samantha Chebli starstarstarstarstar
EndocorpUSA Dalia Husseiny starstarstarstarstar
EndocorpUSA David Zion starstarstarstarstar
Express Systems Deacon Kollman starstarstarstarstar
Express Systems Kevin Masterson starstarstarstarstar
Express Systems & Parts Network Inc Akram Abdelaal starstarstarstarstar
Express Systems & Parts Network, Inc Steve Stepanski starstarstarstarstar
FB Eye Equipments, Inc. Facundo Bahamonde starstarstarstarstar
FOBI Todd Schmechel starstarstarstarstar
Gale Medical Bobbi Hovis starstarstarstarstar
Gale Medical, LLC Lamar Gale starstarstarstarstar
Ginwon Medical Co.,Ltd. Joseph Ha starstarstarstarstar
GLOBAL DSR Brian Myrback starstarstarstarstar
Global Endoscopy Solutions Bruce Mason starstarstarstarstar
Global Inventory Management Alison Fortin starstarstarstarstar
Global Meditech LLC Yusuf Odabas starstarstarstarstar
Global Med Systems Luke Monteleone starstarstarstarstar
Gopher Medical, Inc. Steve Ziegenhagen starstarstarstarstar
Goshen Medical Ken Pukay starstarstarstarstar
Grand Medical Equipment, Inc. Sean Chen starstarstarstarstar
Green Cross Medical/ GOMED G. John Oggel starstarstarstarstar
GRUPO CERVI S.A. Miguel Cervantes starstarstarstarstar
Gumbo Medical, LLC Trista Galante starstarstarstarstar
Heartland Ultrasound Aaron Osgood starstarstarstarstar
Heritage Radiology, LLC Stephan Anderson starstarstarstarstar
HMB Endoscopy Products Harvey Buxbaum starstarstarstarstar
Hospital Equipment 4U Jeanette Hooks starstarstarstarstar
Hospital Equipment Services BV T. Simons starstarstarstarstar
Ideal Medical Rick Haynes starstarstarstarstar
Image Technology Consulting, LLC Marshall Shannon starstarstarstarstar
Imaging Associates Inc. Robert Harris starstarstarstarstar
INCAV CARLOS VARGAS starstarstarstarhalf star
indiaultrasound praveen.t chandran starstarstarstarhalf star
India Ultrasound Niranjan Kumar starstarstarstarstar
Infusion Pump Repair Sam Kassir starstarstarstarstar
Integris Equipment Lawrence Maroney starstarstarstarstar
Integrity Medical Systems, Inc. David Denholtz starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Isaac Pena starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Mike Raychouni starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment and Service, Inc. Trey McIntyre starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Inc AL Baydoun starstarstarstarstar
INTRASYSS D.R. REDDY starstarstarstarstar
ITRIS Tradmed Maciej Libort starstarstarstarstar
I.V. Technologies, Inc. Walter Gallocher starstarstarstarstar
IV Technologies, Inc. Joseph Cramer starstarstarstarstar
JLS MedEquip Jennifer Sineway starstarstarstarstar
J&M Trading, Inc. Mary D. Lampley starstarstarstarstar
KenQuest Medical Gary Darnell starstarstarstarstar
Kingsbridge Healthcare Mike Solot starstarstarstarstar
KMA Remarketing Ken Allshouse starstarstarstarstar
KMA Remarketing Lori Weidow starstarstarstarstar
KPI Steven Minn starstarstarstarstar
KPI Ultrasound Scott Hassler starstarstarstarstar
KPI Ultrasound Inc Young Kang starstarstarstarstar
Laproman Endoserv LLC Sam Kanaan starstarstarstarstar
Laser Concepts Dan Herbert starstarstarstarstar
Laser Scientific John Crownover starstarstarstarstar
Lex-Tech, Inc. Adam Rudinger starstarstarstarstar
Life Systems Inc. Matt Holmes starstarstarstarstar
Life Systems, Inc Rafael Mendonca starstarstarstarstar
Logic S.r.l. Stefano Polvi starstarstarstarstar
Lysis - Individual Healthcare Solutions OG Sebastian Tautscher starstarstarstarstar
Man Machine Electronics Lakshmi Narayana starstarstarstarstar
Masterfit Medical Justin Smith starstarstarstarstar
Masterfit Medical Mark Taylor starstarstarstarstar
Medeco Jim Brandstetter starstarstarstarstar
Medeco Tim Hansen starstarstarstarstar
Medeco Joe Murray starstarstarstarstar
Med-E-Quip Locators, Inc. Bob Caples starstarstarstarstar
Medical Equipment Dynamics, Inc. Garret Purrington starstarstarstarstar
Medical Equipment Solutions Stephen Rousset starstarstarstarstar
Medical Imaging Resources Inc. Jeff Rogers starstarstarstarstar
Medical Laser Resources LLC Alison Bouck starstarstarstarstar
Medical Technic,LLC Semih Gunduz starstarstarstarstar
Medicka Asif Bhinder starstarstarstarstar
Medimtech LLC Chandra Mohan starstarstarstarstar
Medinet Korea. co. ltd Joongsun Yoon starstarstarstarstar
Mediproma B.V. Rick Meerkerk starstarstarstarstar
MEDiSURG John Weymouth starstarstarstarstar
MED & IT Trading Thomas Koenigbauer starstarstarstarstar
MEDLIKIM BIN BEHNE starstarstarstarstar
MedPro Imaging, Inc Charlie Jahnke starstarstarstarstar
MedPro, Inc. Mike Moreno starstarstarstarstar
Med Rich Richard Taylor starstarstarstarstar
MEDSER Medical Services GmbH & Co. KG Aydogan Polat starstarstarstarstar
MedSurg Equipment, LLC. Charles Tucker starstarstarstarstar
Medsystems Rafal Pizon starstarstarstarstar
METROMEDICAL IND. INC. Dan Murphy starstarstarstarstar
Metropolis International Leon Gugel starstarstarstarstar
Monet Medical Rich Absher starstarstarstarstar
Monet Medical Dave Terry starstarstarstarstar
Monet Medical Scott Gentry starstarstarstarstar
Monet Medical, Inc Benjamin Mann starstarstarstarstar
Monet Medical, Inc. David Jensen starstarstarstarstar
MRI Depot Mark Henderson starstarstarstarstar
MRI Depot, Inc. Rick Henderson starstarstarstarstar
MRI-PARTS.COM Marshall Shannon starstarstarstarstar
MTM Medical Ian Kinnebrew starstarstarstarstar
MTM Medical Inc Matt McRoberts starstarstarstarstar
MTM MEDICAL, INC. Valerie McRoberts starstarstarstarstar
National Sales INC Artak Abgaryan starstarstarstarstar
National Ultrasound Sean Fitzgerald starstarstarstarstar
Nationwide Imaging Anthony Pozzolano starstarstarstarstar
nationwide imaging marc regan starstarstarstarstar
Nationwide Imaging Services Inc Robert Manetta starstarstarstarstar
NorthWest Supply Ron de Ru starstarstarstarstar
Northwest Ultrasound, Inc. Mazi Zarrin starstarstarstarstar
Nova Technologies, Inc. Diane Hernandez starstarstarstarhalf star
Nova Technologies, Inc. Elmer J. Ruder starstarstarstarstar
Origin Industries Andrew Heggie starstarstarstarstar
Orthopedic Surgical Solutions, LLC Christian Verdugo starstarstarstarstar
Oxford Instruments Service, LLC Adam Band starstarstarstarstar
Oxford Instruments Service, LLC Robert Costa starstarstarstarstar
PAN AM IMAGING Mohamed Maaty starstarstarstarstar
Pantur. Inc. Angelos Panagopoulos starstarstarstarhalf star
PhiGEM Parts, Inc. Joshua Glas starstarstarstarstar
Portland Medical LLC John Granholm starstarstarstarstar
Predictable Surgical LLC Wayne Mason starstarstarstarhalf star
PrimeMedical Equipment, LLC. Beth DiPalma starstarstarstarstar
PRN Bob Gaw starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Equipment Inc John Sobczak starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Supply, Inc. Clinton Courson starstarstarstarstar
Radiology OneSource, Inc. Debbie Cole starstarstarstarstar
Radiology Solutions LLC Scott Milgrom starstarstarstarstar
RC Medical Inc. Mohamed El Baz starstarstarstarstar
Ready Medical Lisa Vanasco starstarstarstarstar
Realtime Medical Equipment, Inc. Joseph Spagnoletta starstarstarstarstar
Requests International Ramon Manalo Jr starstarstarstarstar
RJP International Inc. Ralph J. Pesant starstarstarstarstar
ROS Medical Ben Helle starstarstarstarstar
ROS Medical Brian Daeger starstarstarstarstar
'R Ventures Medical Inc. Justen Santana starstarstarstarstar
Saffire Medical Alda Clemmey starstarstarstarstar
Scope Connection Chris Leman starstarstarstarstar
Sentinel Imaging Group Patrick Hardy starstarstarstarstar
Shared Medical Services, Inc. Paul Zahn starstarstarstarstar
SH Medical Corp Fernando Salvade starstarstarstarstar
SH Medical Corp Marcelo Salvade starstarstarstarstar
sitwat medical sitwat kashif starstarstarstarstar
Sonos Europe srl Marina Romano starstarstarstarempty star
SOS Medical Imaging Eric Smith starstarstarstarstar
SoTrade s.r.o. Lukas Pleyer starstarstarstarstar
Sound Medical Equipment Susan Bozinos starstarstarstarstar
Southeastern Biomedical Associates, Inc. Boyd Campbell starstarstarstarstar
Southwest Medical Equipment Jeff Rogers starstarstarstarstar
Spectrum Surgical Solutions Jennifer Hamick starstarstarstarstar
State of the Art Medical Jay Jordan starstarstarstarstar
Stewart Medical, Inc. Ray Stewart starstarstarstarstar
SUNGYONG MEDITECH JUNGKI OH starstarstarstarstar
Tandem Medical Equipment, Inc. Ian Alpert starstarstarstarstar
Target For Medical Equipment Mohamed Yahya Ibrahim starstarstarstarstar
Technical Prospects Andrew Sevenich starstarstarstarstar
Technical Prospects LLC Jeremy Probst starstarstarstarstar
Technical Prospects, LLC. John Vandersteen starstarstarstarstar
Terrain Biomedical & Consulting Mark Waldrop starstarstarstarstar
The Alternative Source Inc. Rick Kopin starstarstarstarstar
The Alternative Source Medical Max Kopin starstarstarstarstar
The Laser Warehouse Shawn Burkey starstarstarstarstar
TH. Medical Equipment Lilly Echazabal starstarstarstarstar
Townsend Surgical Scott Townsend starstarstarstarstar
Transducers-International Jan Ruissen starstarstarstarhalf star
Ultra Solutions Nicole Robledo starstarstarstarstar
Ultra Solutions Ricardo A. Sanchez starstarstarstarstar
Ultra Solutions, LLC Bryan Carlin starstarstarstarstar
Ultra Solutions, LLC Sterling Peloso starstarstarstarstar
Ultra Solutions, LLC. Mo Rabbani starstarstarstarstar
UltraSolutions Ultrasound Paul Conrad starstarstarstarstar
United Medical Suppliers Inc Sanjay Nikumbh starstarstarstarstar
US Med-Equip Gurmit Bhatia starstarstarstarstar
US Med-Equip Tom Lenzmeier starstarstarstarstar
US Med Equip Inc. Rabin Shrestha starstarstarstarstar
USOC Medical Ali Youssef starstarstarstarstar
Valley Medical Irfan Malik starstarstarstarempty star
Venture Medical ReQuip, Inc. Renee' Myers starstarstarstarstar
Venture Medical ReQuip, Inc. John Pritchard II starstarstarstarstar
Viable Med Services, Inc. Dan McGuan starstarstarstarstar
VIP Medical, Inc. Bill Murdock starstarstarstarstar
Vomark Technologies Inc. Volodymyr Markevych starstarstarstarstar
ZRG LLC. Tony Lively starstarstarstarstar
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