For Sale AESCULAB AESCULAP Orthopedic Arthroscopy Drill

LISTING #671851
  • Condition:
  • New
  • Date updated:
  • June 27, 2009
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Item Summary for AESCULAB AESCULAP Orthopedic Arthroscopy Drill

Aesculap Elan E II Bone Drill, Pneumatic + Electric (New)
80 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm by volume (approximately) external packing box of metal
80 kg gross weight approximately by weight with external packing box of metal
Complete unit is well placed in the metal box,
Fully Sterilizable with 4 Nos. of Sterlization Boxes
All handpieces and other accessories are well placed in the Sterlization Box
The Unit comprises the following:

GA 301 Y Elan E Motor 220 VAC, 20000 rpm / min, 50 Hz
GA 304 Sterlizable cover of motor
GA 305 Stand for Flexible Cable
GA 255 Y Rods of Unit Trolley three in numbers
GA 256 Sterilization Tray holder part of the trolley in Sterlization Box No. 4
GA 257 Fixation piece of Sterlization Tray GA 256
GA 148 Trolley Base wheel mounted
GA 156 Foot Switch
TE 455 Cable motor to foot switch
GA 57 Power Cable with extension of power cable
GA 156 Flexible Cable (motor to hand pieces of drill)

Sterilization Box No. 1
1. Sterilization Tray
2. Main Hand Piece GB 210 (Reverse-Forward, Cannulated)
3. Jacob Chucks GB 222 & 223 shank upto 4 mm & 6.35mm
4. Quick Coupler GB 224
5. 2 keys of Jocob Chucks
6. Craniotome perforator hand piece GB 10
7. 3 perforators of different size
8. Flexible Reamer Hand Piece GB 115
9. Back Grip of Flexible Reamer Hand Piece GB 5 C
10. Jacob Chuck for large shank GB 116 C used with GB 115
11 Key of Jacob Chuck
12. Sterilization Tray

Sterilization Box No. 2
1. Reciprocating saw GB 123 with straight blades of different sizes
2. Saggital Saw GB 125 with Saggital blades of different sizes
3. Spanner of Saggital Saw TE 472
4. Key for Reciprocating Saw GB 20
5. Craniotome & Dermatome Driver GB 133 Y
6. Sterilization Tray

Sterilization Box No. 3
1. Oscillating Saw GB 124 with a lot of blades and shaft fitting
like GC 502, GC 500, GC 510, GC 550 (gouges) GC 523 (keys)
screw removers etc etc
2. Drill hand piece GB 100 not cannulated
3. Sterilization Tray

Sterilization Box No. 4
1. Cleaning GB 149
2. Oiling
3. GA 257 as already mentioned above
4. L-key for GA 257
5. GA 256 as mentioned above
6. Sterilization Tray

Optional hand piece
GA 200 for pneumatic operation of the drill
Air hose used for GA 200 of pneumatic hand piece

Drill can be operatable at electric and pneumatic source both options available and part of unit.

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