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DOTmed Industry Reports

Each month, DOTmed profiles a medical equipment industry sector for DOTmed HealthCare Business News. These Industry Reports are reproduced here and you may read them by following the links below

The changing face of mobile medical

Reimbursement issues have stifled business, and many of the small budget hospitals that once depended on mobile imaging have crossed over to onsite scanners to meet the growing demand for MR and CT.

Radiography job market remains tight, while digital path continues

Competition remains fierce and education is shifting to digital

Magnets and helium: partners in superconductivity

Updates on the helium debates

Chillers - out of sight, but don't keep them out of mind

The unsung workhorse of the medical world still needs tending to

Coils: an array of channels to choose from

Coils come in different shapes and sizes and we have them covered

MR imaging: a high-field analysis from every angle

Technology updates and improving the patient experience

The general process of manufacturing X-ray tubes

A look behind the scenes at what it takes to make a tube

Parts and Service - The Full Story

Advice and opinions from OEMs, ISOs and providers

I want YOU to lower the dose!

How the MITA Smart Dose Standard is ruling the CT Market

Sterilizers go high-tech

A classic piece of equipment gets updated

Proton therapy: progress with a price tag

Proponents say it has a ready-place in health care. Detractors question the cost.

Bone densitometers

Low reimbursement has providers at the breaking point

Making it more personal

Breast cancer screening and treatment is looking at the individual

The ISO Story

Parts and service

Ultrasound technology is getting across-the-board updates

Advancements are set to impact many medical specialties

Breast density inform inconsistency delivers confusion

With information determined at the state level, value differs dramatically

Molecular Imaging

Will PET/MR ever get to PET/CT's level?

Special report: Testing equipment

X-ray testers and infusion analyzers compete as more devices come to market.

Special report: Infusion pumps

Pain management and interoperable smart pumps see growth.

Special report: Continuous monitoring has continuous benefits

In low-acuity areas, spot-check monitors are out and continuous monitors are in.

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