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DOTmed Industry Reports

Each month, DOTmed profiles a medical equipment industry sector for DOTmed HealthCare Business News. These Industry Reports are reproduced here and you may read them by following the links below

Special report: Integration key to ending "communication chaos"

For patient monitors, technology convergence may be key.

Special report: Defibrillator data proving critical

Small improvements make a big difference in new defibrillators

Special report: Infusion pumps enter the age of integration

Benefits of EMR-infusion pump integration more widely understood

Special report: Joining forces against the CMS maintenance rule

The Joint Committee, biomeds and hospitals form a strong front to challenge CMS' enforcement of long-ignored guidelines.

Choosing Wisely : Examining the value of stress tests

As testing volumes decrease, will manufacturers be affected?

SPECT on the sidelines

Faced with a pack of problems, can the well-known modality make a comeback?

After a rough year, PET stands to shine

With new radiotracers set for market, PET stands to make a big comeback.

Ultrasound: The stethoscope of modern imaging

Find out what all the noise is about in ultrasound advances.

Special report: Tackling the dense breast dilemma

With emerging research identifying increased challenges for screening dense breasts, manufacturers are making adjustments.

Special report: Bone densitometers

With reimbursement cuts back, the sector is reaching a breaking point.

Not-so-secret agents: Contrast field braced for growth

Growth attributed to need for diagnosis and management of prevalent age-related health issues.

C-arms: On the cusp of change

After years of slow growth, the C-arm sector is set to make its move

Special teams for special procedures

The traditional cath angio room is making way for a crowd of professionals.

Special report: Low-temp sterilizers in high demand

Gas plasma sterilization heats up the low-temp market.

Special report: Information management system sales fuel anesthesia market

Fueled by AIMS sales, the overall market is estimated to grow at a midlevel, single-digit rate.

Special report: The start of endoscopy's reign

Endoscopy at the top of the market with arthroscopy following suit

Special report: LED lights and hybrid rooms populate the OR sector

Hybrid rooms aren't cheap.

Special report: The confusing, promising world of EMR/EHR

Health care goes digital.

PACS forecast: partly cloudy

February's Industry Sector Report on PACS

Special report: DR rising

DR systems now outsell traditional X-ray systems, a new report says.

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