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DOTmed Industry Reports

Each month, DOTmed profiles a medical equipment industry sector for DOTmed HealthCare Business News. These Industry Reports are reproduced here and you may read them by following the links below

Special report: 2013 portable X-ray market

Market shakeups may allow more facilities to carry the latest technology.

Special report: PACS/RIS is ready for a revolution

Can PACS bring departments and health care systems together as its own future remains unclear?

Special Report: New technology helps patients rest easy

Hospital bed manufacturers tackle safety and comfort concerns.

Special Report: Single-use device reprocessing

A rapidly expanding industry, saving money, reducing waste... but is it safe?

Stryker seeks to expand overseas

Michigan-based company wants to increase its global presence.

Special report: Dialysis from the comfort of home

Why the home-based treatment is picking up momentum.

Special report: Mobile imaging fills a growing demand

There's more to it than pulling up and dropping off

Special report: Medical mobile trailer transport

How mobile services make it to their destinations

Special report: Cool customization

Chiller market stays warm through specialization

Special report: Radiography (and fluoroscopy) keep pace with market demands

Detector sharing and dose reduction attract new customers

Lead use in medical shielding: pros, cons and alternative materials

Getting the lead out.

Advanced techniques push radiation therapy into a new era

Industry Sector Report: Radiation therapy

Special report: Doing more with less

New MRI technology could help providers weather cuts.

Special report: The economics of MRI Coils

Health care reform, technological advancements may drive MRI coil market upturn

Helium concerns continue to weigh heavy on MRI

Until solutions are found, PM remains the best approach to the problem

Special report: Call it vanity, but cosmetic technologies rouse the market

Lasers maintain market share due to cosmetic usage

Special report: Acquisitions rife in medical parts industry

Pressure mounts on providers to stay one step ahead of the game.

Special report: Integration key to ending "communication chaos"

For patient monitors, technology convergence may be key.

Special report: Defibrillator data proving critical

Small improvements make a big difference in new defibrillators

Special report: Infusion pumps enter the age of integration

Benefits of EMR-infusion pump integration more widely understood

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