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Picks up MBI X-Ray and Medical Supply
Iatric Systems and Memorial Healthcare received award for partnership that helped the hospital meet Stage 1 Meaningful Use and beyond
Vice president of health policy and strategy at Siemens Healthcare tell us how

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DOTmed Industry Reports

Each month, DOTmed profiles a medical equipment industry sector for DOTmed HealthCare Business News. These Industry Reports are reproduced here and you may read them by following the links below

Special report on MRI: Doing more with less

MRI offers a classic business challenge for today’s health care providers

Top tips to get the most life from your MRI coils

Experts share strategies on how to keep your coils lasting longer.

Special report: Sterilizers Clean Up

As economic woes lengthen the product replacement cycle, sterilizers go green.

Trends in anesthesiology: Employing technology to reduce costs and manage information

New technology, staffing models, help reduce costs.

Special report: The case for the hybrid OR

Nationwide, hospitals are investing millions in hybrid rooms. Should yours? What to know before you decide.

Scoping It Out: What's on the Horizon for Endoscopy and Arthroscopy

Endoscopy and arthroscopy continue to advance.

For biomeds, the latest test equipment lightens the load

In an increasingly complex health care environment, CE departments look for lighter, faster and multifunctional solutions.

Defibrillators & the public

In line with the latest guidelines, AEDs look to deliver more than a shock.

Patient monitors: Health care is waking up to the hazards of alarm fatigue

Hospitals have more technology than ever before and alarm fatigue is one unfortunate drawback that has arrived with it.

Special report: Problems at the pump

Experts get proactive to address issues with infusion pumps

Despite regulatory hurdles, PET drugs may give molecular imaging a boost

New PET drugs in the pipeline.

Stress test industry update: Insurer that denied stress tests violated state law

An update on an investigation of BCBS of Delaware's denials of cardiac stress tests.

Stress test industry update: The quest for painless integration

In the transition to electronic medical records, providers aren't the only ones who need to deal with changes.

Special report: Is the SPECT supply chain at the breaking point?

Shortages in radioisotopes have increased the strain on the nuclear medicine community.

Nuclear medicine - the latest from the field

A yearly round-up of the top topics in nuclear medicine imaging.

Special report: Should 50 be the new 40?

Lingering questions remain about the USPSTF mammography guidelines.

Special report: Refurbishers & ISOs move ahead with the expanding ultrasound market

For third party service providers, one of the persisting challenges is efficiently servicing the latest, high-end equipment.

Ultrasound in the realm of breast cancer detection: should mammography be worried?

Ultrasound moves in on mammo's turf.

Special report: Bone Densitometry market on the mend

Increased reimbursement and new public policy could increase access to screening.

Low-tech equipment and no-tech problems

This report originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of DOTmed Business News

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