Jim Brandstetter, President
DOTmed user since August 2010

216 W. 38th Street
Suite C
Boise, ID 83714 USA
Phone: +1 2084291138

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About Us

Refurbished medical equipment: stress test systems, ventilators, MRI monitoring systems

Equipment Categories

Equipment: Beds Electric, Beds Manual, Blanket / Solution Warmer, Bone Growth Stimulator, BP Monitor, Chiropractic Diagnostics, Chiropractic Table, Chiropractic Therapy, Co2 Monitor, Combo Sound/Stim., Defibrillator, ECG unit, EKG, EKG Monitor, EKG Printer, Electrosurgical Unit, Exam Chair, Exam Table, Hypothermia Unit, Monitor, MRI Accessories, Muscle Stimulator, OB Table, O/R OB Table, Oximeter - Pulse, Oxygen Monitor, Patient Warmer, Physical Therapy Table, Physical Therapy Unit, Recorder, Stress Test, Stretcher, Traction Device, Treadmill, Ultrasound Therapy Unit, Veterinary General,

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Posted 127 Days Ago
Jim Brandstetter Posted to the Honest & Dishonest Dealings forum:
re: Need reference on Asif Bhinder, CEO of Medicka
We have done 2 small transactions with Asif and both were good in the past quarter.... Click here to read more
Posted 364 Days Ago
Jim Brandstetter Posted to the Honest & Dishonest Dealings forum:
re: Please Advise on Bob Briggs - Northeast Medical Sales
Bob brokered a deal for a surgery table for us 1.5 years ago.... Click here to read more
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