Medical Equipment Solutions

Medical Equipment Solutions

Stephen Rousset
DOTmed user since January 2008

110 N 13th St
Beaumont, TX 77702 USA
Phone: +1 409-832-0447

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About Us

Medical Equipment Solutions purchases and resells medical equipment, parts and supplies from hospitals and medical facilities. 

We provide free inventory services to the facilities we purchase from before transporting the items to our Beaumont, Texas warehouse.

Following purchase we clean and check each piece and then make them available to qualified customers through our online stores at and Ebay.

Because we never sell items on consignment purchases can normally be shipped within one business day.

Equipment Categories


Anesthesia Accessories
Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Monitor
Arthroscopic Video System
Arthroscopy Accessories
Arthroscopy Drill
Arthroscopy Shaver System
Beds Electric
Bedside Monitor
Beds - Misc.
BP Monitor
ECG unit
Electrosurgical Unit
ENT Surgical
Fetal Monitor
Infant Warmer
Light Source
O/R Camera
O/R Chair
O/R Exam light
O/R Instruments
O/R Light
O/R Microscope
O/R Table
Orthopedic - General
Oximeter - Pulse
Oxygen Monitor
Pump IV Infusion
Pump PCA
Pump Vascular Compression
Tourniquet System
Video Endoscopy


Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer

Let Medical Equipment Solutions Be Your Solution

 Medical Equipment Solutions is a great choice for hospitals, medical facilities, and buyers because we purchase from multiple modalities. The variety of equipment we purchase allows buyers and medical facilities to achieve productivity. The ability to buy and sell multiple pieces of equipment offers a better solution for all.

 Medical Equipment Solutions was formed to provide a solution for hospitals and medical facilities to deal with their surplus/retired equipment disposal needs. It is our desire to become one of the most trusted sources for Hospitals and Hospital Groups to use for the sale of and disposal of retired and surplus Medical Equipment and devices. We are doing this by offering personalized inventory services, and working with all departments within the hospital.

 We sell to many U.S. companies and bio-med service providers, as well as many clients in Central & South America and others worldwide.

Sell Your Surplus Equipment To Us

Does your facility have a store room or multiple rooms full of equipment that is no longer used?

Do you have so much surplus equipment that you aren’t sure exactly what’s collecting dust around your facility?

Medical Equipment Solutions will come to you and inventory all of your surplus equipment.

We will then provide you with a detailed listing of your surplus inventory along with an offer to purchase the items we are interested in.

Our purchase offer is exactly that; a purchase offer and not an offer to sell your equipment on consignment while it continues to sit in your storage room.

Many surplus medical equipment dealers today sell on consignment but not Medical Equipment Solutions.

We will remove any equipment we buy from you in a timely manner and transport it to our facility.

Your facility will be rid of the equipment and be paid for it while the other guys just sit and wait.

  Contact our acquisitions director, Kenny Burrows, at (409) 832-0447 or via email at to arrange your free inventory and clear out your storage room.

Our Facility

 We occupy a 17,000 square-foot warehouse in Beaumont, TX, and every item is stored and ready to ship within one business day.

 As we purchase equipment direct from hospitals and medical facilities across the South each item is brought back to our facility where it is cleaned, checked, safely handled, and prepared for shipping.

Employee Bios

Stephen Rousset

President/General Manager

(409) 673-6973

Tanya Rousset

Director of Operations

(409) 832-0447

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