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Fil-Coil FC Inc in NY


Alvaro Moreira

Fil-Coil FC Inc in NY

January 02, 2012 06:08

On May 10, 2011, we bought 14 RF cage filters from FIL-COIL Inc. in New York, total of USD 2,800. We payed upfront and filters were promised to be shipped out in August.
So far we haven't received a thing, only several excuses and promises, not after sending them several emails and placed a number of phone calls, most of them unanswered.
At last, we demanded our goods or our money back. Unable to deliver what they have sold, Mr. Paul Alessandrini offered to refund our money, but after a 25% restocking fee, as absurd as it might seem. Restocking fee for something they failed to deliver!!!
We will go for legal action against this dishonest company, they seem to understand nothing but that.
Meanwhile I strongly advise anyone in this industry who plans to deal with them to exercise great caution, as their way of doing business is far for decent.
Hope this warning will prevent some of our collegues to get trapped the same way we were.
Alvaro Moreira

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Lauren Banfi

re: Fil-Coil FC Inc in NY

April 23, 2013 01:36

Mr. Moreira,

I apologize for any issues you may have experienced however in response to your above statement, please note that all of your orders have been on Pre-Paid terms, not just this one. That is the way your company has been set up on every order we have done and are shipped to a different location as per your request. We were running behind in our warehouse for various reasons which were expressed on a few occasions via email however after pulling all of our records, your order had already been delivered and signed for weeks prior to you posting this. I understand your frustration of the delay and such but please remember, we do not stock any units. Every order is built custom upon receipt of a P.O. therefore there are many issues that could arise including the biggest, material delay. We strive on customer service and working in every area to better ourselves in the future and are trying to implement different procedures.

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