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The PETtrace tracer production system is a compact, automated cyclotron designed for the fast, easy and efficient production of PET radiotracers.

PETtrace operates with the efficiency required to match clinical schedules, the flexibility needed for research protocols and the performance necessary to meet regional distribution demands.

PETtrace can be easily upgraded to expand your production capabilities as demand increases and new tracers are required.

* Efficient beam current operation for the highest production capacity
* Upright design for easier siting, saving valuable siting-space, convenience and maintenance
* Dual particle capabilities offering the widest range of tracer production options
* Simultaneous dual target irradiation providing more output and more variety per run
* Fixed ion source for a simple, high reliability design
* Fully automated operation during start-up, tuning and operation
* Optional self-shielding capability
* Beam Line capability option
* Configuration capability to make isotopes for 18F-, 11CO2, 11CH4, 13N, 15O, proton and deuteron methodes of F2 tracer based compounds




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