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HYDROTONE Thermal M Hydrotherapy Body Capsule

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Location: CA, USA
Model:Thermal M Hydrotherapy Body Capsule
Hydrotone Thermal M Hydrotherapy Body Capsule.
This is a unique Body Capsule for a variety of popular body and skin treatments.
This enclosed Vishi Shower is a therapists dream as the therapist can stay dry while doing the treatments.
Unlike traditional Vishy Showers, the patron has more privacy and stays warm in this enclosed Vishy capsule, with the additional benefit of steam and aromatherapy, .
The unique design allows for the patron's head to be outside the capsule when closed, allowing for the additional option of a face treatment while the body is steaming.
The Capsule is very easy (and fast) to clean, it really is the easiest and most superior way to do any body treatments with Muds, Salt Scrubs, Oils, Hot and Cold Therapy, Vishy Shower Therapy, ect.
It is also hygenically superior to tub body treatments,with product cost savings for mud baths ect.

Its in excellent condition.
Equipment handling dimensions & weight:
881/2" (2245mm) L X 47" (1202mm) W X 34" (870mm) H
265lbs (120kg)

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