3.0T Trio Magnet Auction
SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet
SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet

SIEMENS 3.0T Trio Magnet

  • Starting Bid U.S.$25,000.00

  • This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.
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  • Bid Closes Aug 21 - 1:00pm EDT
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  • Location: CA, USA
  • Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  • Model: 3.0T Trio
  • Type: Magnet
Siemens 3.0T Trio MRI Machine

Date of manufacture: August 2004

Software Version: NUMARIS/4

Chiller is included

The magnet is de-installed and is being kept cold in storage

Software Packages:

• Syngo VD20M
• Syngo VD20N
• Syngo VX60A
• Syngo VX60B
• Syngo VX60C
• Syngo VX60D
• MR_MR004-07-R_N4SecU0010
• N4_VA25A_LATEST_20040724
• N4_VA25A_LATEST_20040724_P16

Software options:

• Syngo General
• Core Basic
• Core Plus
• Worklist
• 3D Usage
• 3D MPR Volume of Interest
• 3D MIP
• 3D SSD
• Inline Processing
• Maestro Class
• 1D/2D Pace
• Advance 3D
• Advance Turbo Package
• Care Bolus
• Panoramic Table
• Advance Cardiac Package
• Argus Viewer
• IPAT Plus
• Spectroscopy
• Angio
• Advance Angio
• Bold Imaging
• Bold Eva
• IPAT Advanced

List of the coils:

• 8 Channel Head
• CP Spine Array
• Shoulder Array Small
• Shoulder Array Large
• Body Array
• CP Extremity
• CP Head
• Neurovascular array
• Knee coil

The equipment is deinstalled and in storage.


The equipment will be available immediately upon receipt of payment in full.


Los Angeles, CA


At the close of the Auction, the Winning Bidder will receive an email introducing the Winning Bidder to the Seller.

The Winning Bidder agrees to make contact with the Seller within one business day of the close of the Auction and to remit payment in full within three business days of the close of the Auction.

If the Winning Bidder fails to make contact with the Seller within one business day or to remit the payment within three business days then the auctioned item may be sold to the next highest bidder and the Winning Bidder may be negatively rated, banned from and Blacklisted on DOTmed and charged a penalty equal to $2000 or the amount of the winning bid whichever is less.

Any deinstallation, packing, crating and transportation will be paid by the Winning Bidder.

Title will transfer to the Winning Bidder upon payment in full.


This equipment is offered in accordance with the "Auction Terms" and "Legal Notice" of www.dotmed.com. No warranty is expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All equipment is sold "as is" and "where is".
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