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RESPIRONICS Various Oxygen Concentrator

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Location: NV, USA
Attention Purchasing Department: We are a DME company going out of business and looking to get rid of our inventory. This auction is for a lot of Oxygen Concentrators and miscellaneous oxygen devices. The lot includes 45 Portable Oxygen concentrators recently refurbished by the manufacturer. I have a spread sheet detailing all inventory and can send that to you upon request. You can also reference the list below for a quick preview of the items. 95% of the equipment is in the original manufacturer box with all the accessories, tested (as required by Nevada State Board of Pharmacy), and in excellent working condition. All portable concentrators have either low hours or have been refurbished by the manufacturer recently. If interested, please reply to this ad with your questions or concerns. Thank you for your time.

ManufacturerManufacturer Part NumberProductNew QtyUsed Qty
Philips Respironics936Reusable Adult Finger Clip Oximeter Sensor80
Philips Respironics3100Wrist Oxymeter01
Philips Respironics1070517Disposable Adult Finger Sensor70
Philips Respironics920MP920M Plus Hand-Held Oximeter with Memory03
Airsep now CAIRE Medical a Chart Industries Company BT017-1FreeStyle AirBelt03
Airsep now CAIRE Medical a Chart Industries Company MI406-1FreeStyle 3 Carrying Bag90
Airsep now CAIRE Medical a Chart Industries Company PW025-1Universal Power Supply (Brick Only) For FreeStyle10
Chad Therapeutics now Drive MedicalCH4808-L0 - 8 L/min Click-style Regulator10
Chad Therapeutics now Drive MedicalO-224Oxymizer Mustache-style Disposable Conserver220
Chad Therapeutics now Drive MedicalP-224Oxymizer Pendant-style Disposable Conserver220
Cramer Decker Medical202250O ring for Oxygen Cylinders3690
Cramer Decker Medical3CL-1-100Cylinder Washer350
Cramer Decker MedicalAREG8708Oxygen Regulator, 0-8 Lpm, Click-Style W/barb20
Cramer Decker MedicalCART101-AMD/ME Single Cylinder Adjustable Black Cart10
Cramer Decker MedicalCD1002M6/M9 Cylinder Shoulder Bag20
Cramer Decker MedicalCD1005M6/M9 Cylinder Backpack20
Cramer Decker MedicalCD1014M6/ M9/ ME Deluxe Wheel Chair Bag20
Cramer Decker MedicalRACKE06-MEME Cylinder EconoRack20
Devilbiss Healthcare306D-413iGo Battery Pack40
Devilbiss Healthcare306DS-601iGo Power Cord10
Devilbiss Healthcare306DS-602iGo Power Cord30
Devilbiss Healthcare306DS-603iGo Power Cord40
Devilbiss Healthcare306DS-611iGo Gross Particle Air Filter390
Devilbiss Healthcare525D-614Intake Filter Silencer190
Devilbiss Healthcare535D-605Cabinet Air Filter - 6 Pack50
Devilbiss Healthcare535D-E-CFiFill Cylinder with Integrated Continuous Flow Regulator (Size E)20
Devilbiss HealthcareMC44D-605Extended Life Intake Bacteria Filter20
Devilbiss HealthcarePV5LD-651Final Bacteria Filter150
Invacare1131249Intake Bacteria Filter 160
Invacare1154103XPO2 Shoulder Bag Strap10
InvacareHP5001Two-Wheel Cart for E Cylinders - 2 pack10
InvacareIRCPF16PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter10
InvacareXPO110XPO2 Supplemental Battery04
InvacareXPO130XPO2 AC/DC Plug Adapter21
O2 Concepts800-1000OxLife AC Power/Charging Cord20
O2 Concepts800-1001OxLife DC Power Cord20
O2 Concepts800-1003OxLife Accessory Carry Bag20
O2 Concepts800-1006OxLife Inlet Filter50
O2 Concepts800-1007OxLife 6" Wheels10
O2 Concepts800-1010OxLife Cart Kit10
O2 Concepts800-1013OxLife Pump Filter Kit50
Philips Respironics520Micro Disk Filter40
Philips Respironics1017796M10 Inlet Filter Replacement Kit830
Philips Respironics1022482Ultrafill Cylinder Valve Wrench20
Philips Respironics1038831EverFlo Compressor Intake Filter340
Philips Respironics1082661SimplyGo/SimplyFlo AC Power Supply20
Philips Respironics1082662SimplyGo Lithium Ion Battery01
Philips Respironics1082664SimplyGo/SimplyFlo AC Power Cord20
Philips Respironics1083692SimplyGo DC Power Supply10
Philips Respironics1083693SimplyGo Airline Power Cord24
Philips Respironics1083696SimplyGo Accessory Bag20
Philips Respironics1083699SimplyGo Humidifier Pouch20
Philips Respironics900-100EverGo Mobile Cart01
Philips Respironics900-101EverGo DC Power Cord51
Philips Respironics900-104EverGo AC Power Cord51
Philips Respironics900-105EverGo AC 90W Power Supply21
Philips Respironics900-121EverGo Airline Connector10
Philips Respironics900-150EverGo Gross Particle Filter - 6 Pack30
Philips Respironics900-152EverGo Inlet Filter Replacement20
Philips Respironics900-153EverGo Micro-Felt Filter Replacement Kit40
Philips Respironics900-250EverGo Black Embossed Accessory Case21
Philips RespironicsH619Filters - 6 pack90
Precision Medical198705EasyPulse5 Conserver01
Precision Medical506760External Battery Pack for EasyPulse POC50
Salter LabsPRO2Elite-1PRO2 Check Elite Multifunction Oxygen Concentration Indicator04
SeQual now Airsep/CAIRE Medical/Chart Industries5093Eclipse 3 Travel Kit10
SeQual now Airsep/CAIRE Medical/Chart Industries5991Eclipse 3 Universal Cart10
Tiara Medical Systems now CarefusionTOF-512A-10AirSep Newlife Oxygen Concentrator Foam Cabinet Filter - Pack of 10250
Tiara Medical Systems now CarefusionTOF-TRP-750O2 Y-Connector 1110
Airsep now CAIRE Medical a Chart Industries Company AS095-1FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator05
Airsep now CAIRE Medical a Chart Industries Company AS098-1VisionAire 5 Oxygen Concentrator04
Devilbiss Healthcare306DS-CiGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Wheeled Carry Case03
Devilbiss Healthcare525DS5 Liter Compact Oxygen Concentrator02
Drive MedicalRS-00410Oxus Reliability Plus Portable Oxygen Concentrator10
Inova Labs now ResmedXYC100LifeChoice Portable Oxygen Concentrator020
InvacareIOH200PPC4Invacare HomeFill Ambulatory Package with Patient Convenience Pack (M4 size) for Perfecto201
InvacareIRC10LXPlatinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator03
InvacareXPO100BXPO2 Portable Concentrator with Supplemental Battery08
Philips Respironics1020000EverFlo 5 Liter Concentrator03
Philips Respironics1068987SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator04
Philips Respironics900-000EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator04
Philips RespironicsM10600M10 Concentrator10
Precision MedicalPM2120EasyMate6+6 Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit20
Philips Respironics1039642Humidifier Connecting Tube20

Bidder Bid Date Quantity Bid Amount
This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.


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