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CORIX a19488 - Pro 70 Dental X-Ray

Due to an upgrade, we are selling our Veterinary Dental X-Ray Machine! The machine takes high quality digital images, and can be wall mounted to save space in your clinic environment.

Corix Pro 70 has a long-reach drift free positioning arm, allowing for easy positioning and clear images.

A new generation of easy to pre-set Digital Exposure Timer, with a 3 digit LCD Character Display, fully compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging systems, with an array of sub-menu options only provided by Corix Medical Systems®.
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Practically new NeuroStar TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) system for sale. Excellent condition.

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PARATA Max High-Speed Pill Dispensers

For Sale PARATA Max High-Speed Automated Pill Dispensers

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MIDMARK 540 Stretcher

Excellent condition, barely used.

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2014 Alcon constellation in excellent condition used less than 500 times! Comes with laser foot control, foot pedal, and mayo tray.

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SUMMIT TO SEA 33 portable chamber Hyperbaric Chamber

BRAND NEW! 33 Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

We bought this hyperbaric oxygen chamber for the office 3 weeks ago and it is so popular we would like to get a bigger one ASAP.

This is great for the use in an office or in your own home. Includes the chamber, 2 compressors, the oxygen concentrator and the 5 year extended warranty. For pick up only.
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Parts only. Unit does not function. Do not have time to troubleshoot it.

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SHOR-LINE Dual O/R Light

Dual light, Ceiling mount OR lights. ~14 years old, in excellent working condition.

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ADULT MEDICAL MANIKIN CPR Prompt Training Pack Training Aids

Ideal for group training, the CPR Prompt Training Pack allows each student to have their own manikin for maximum practice time. Designed to meet American Heart Association criteria for desirable manikin features.

Allows practice of Heimlich maneuver and abdominal thrusts, as well as CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing
Realistic anatomical markings make it easy to learn correct hand placement for checking pulse, performing chest compression's, and more.
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CUTERA Xeo Laser - YAG

It works well, the only complaint that I have is that the fan is a bit too loud for my small space. It also lags... meaning the yag takes a few minutes to get warmed up. But it works great as a Laser Genesis treatment, and makes a great hair removal back up. Priced to reflect these imperfections. I'm sure a service repair person can easily remedy these issues, but I don't have the $$ to keep maintaining this device. All that being said, this unit has a few good years left in her. Pearl hand piece is in very good condition because I never used it.

Pick up from Brooklyn.

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SIEMENS Axiom Aristos Rad Room

1x Siemens Axiom Aristos Rad Room
DOM: 2005
All Pallets NOT Included

Pallet #1
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CANFIELD 2015 Visia

2015 Canfield Visia for Sale only slightly used, in great condition.
Includes: System, the stand, computer, printer, operators manual, keyboard and mouse.

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CYBEX Cybex Physical Therapy Unit

At Corporate Health Systems we have a large PT clinic that is closing. We have an adequate amount of Cybex machines in good condition. Please take this opportunity to call or look!

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SIEMENS DCA Vantage Hemoglobinometer

**Like new** Operational DCA Vantage analyzer for Hg A1C testing. Analyzer validated by Rocky Mountain Labs. Simple touch screen. Easy maintenance and QC. Comes with power cord and QC cartridge. Perfect for an endocrinology clinic, doctor's office or small laboratory.

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STRECK esr auto plus Hematology Analyzer

***Practically new*** Streck esr auto plus Sedimentation rate analyzer. Drastically reduce the time spent doing Westergren sed rate. Can process up to 10 samples at a time - 30 minutes to results. Comes with bar code scanner, users manual, power cord and calibration device. Perfect for a Rheumatology clinic, commercial laboratory or hospital. QC is spot on. Ready to install and put to use.

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BECKMAN COULTER AcT 2 Diff Hematology Analyzer

Excellent condition Beckman Coulter Act 2 Diff. Comes with serial printer, tubing, and card. Acquired from ASAP medical who performed full validation, QC and precision studies. Owners manual included. This is an excellent CBC analyzer for a small clinic, doctor's office or small laboratory. Used in our lab for correlation, training and off site testing.

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BECKMAN COULTER AcT 5diff CP Cap Pierce Hematology Analyzer

Beckman Coulter Act 5 Diff, cap piercing. Excellent condition. Reagent bottles fit conveniently within front panel. Auto loader can be acquired separately. Perfect for a small clinic, hematology office or back up for a reference laboratory. Needs computer and software installation.

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VARIOUS Storage unit of Various Optometrist equipment

I am selling an entire storage unit containing Optometrist equipment and office furniture... Literally everything needed for a beautiful, cozy office. Including optometrist chair and all the equipment to perform eye exams right down to chairs for the waiting room ect. There are also 2 LED/NEON light show boxes nicknamed Metroboxes for the doctor that designed them (they are one of a kind). They are valued at over 2000 dollars. The MetroBoxes are used to showcase popular frames/ models images very much like how a Movie Theater showcases new upcoming movie posters. Ideal placement for them would be in large windows facing the public or main road to draw attention to your business. This unit would be perfect for an optometrist fresh out of school that wants to open their own practice... Or an existing Optometrist that wants to add an extra exam room and expand their practice. Everything sold together, items will not be sold in pieces.... (below image of light box is a similar design as an example)

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AS OCT Casia 2. Fully operational. Barely used. Like new. With table, touching screen and calibrating "eye".

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STRYKER Direct Anterior MIS hip instrument tray

-Stryker Direct Anterior MIS hip instrument tray ref(4200-150-0) Tray and Lid.
- includes Right (2124-1700) MIS accolade rasp / broach has handle.
- includes Left (2124-1750) MIS accolade rasp / broach handle.
-includes (1440-1010) quick connect power femoral head removal corkscrew.
- includes (2124-1889) accolade TMZF stem impactor .
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UNICO PowerSpin FX Centrifuge

Unico PowerSpin FX centrifuge. Bought in bulk from McKesson for our clinics. Selling extras that were not put into use.

6 x 10ml, 45 degree tilt rotor. Standard 115 AC plug included. Timer up to 30 minutes. Very nice bench top centrifuge for clinic, lab, research or blood bank.

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Aesthera Isolaz Pro
Power Cord

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Ideal for use as an add-on treatment to deliver anti-aging products effectively, this portable device is Bio-Therapeutic's next generation in oxygen technology. It leaves the complexion looking refreshed and renewed.

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AMO VISX iDesign Refractive Studio 2.0 Aberrometer Topographer

iDesign Refractive Studio 2.0 still under warranty by Johnson & Johnson. The equipment was installed in March 2019 and is perfectly working in our clinic. We are selling it because we are changing the excimer laser platform. Any visitor is welcome to see it in action.

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OLYMPUS BF3C40 Bronchoscope


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Ideal for larger circumference areas, ideal for belly hangover, love handles

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Cutera Excel HR 2018
- Excellent condition
- 755nm and 1064nm

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CYNOSURE TempSure Envi Laser - Radio Frequency (RF)

TempSure Envi technology heats deep into the skin to regenerate collagen and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow's feet, and smile lines. Other indications include hair epilation, telangiectasia, and milia.

This radio frequency skin rejuvenation device is in excellent condition. All aspects are in perfect working condition. The foot pedal stopped working a few months ago but it was promptly replaced under our warranty with CynoSure. Patients love the warm massage sensation experienced during their non-invasive wrinkle reduction treatments! The provider that performed our aesthetic services has transitioned to a new office and we are using this opportunity to modify our services and treatment room configurations.
*TempSure Envi has a 100% "Worth It" rating on*

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Used TM-Flow , ANS testing device
Latest wireless model.
Less than 100 tests run
I yr warranty included

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CYNOSURE Cynosure Picosure Laser Alexandrite 2017 Laser - Pulsed Dye

Cynosure Picosure 2017

- Comes directly from Doctor's office
- 1st Owner
- Few Usages
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AEROLASE LightPod Neo Laser - YAG

The Aerolase LightPod Neo laser provides a safe, gentle, and effective way to comprehensively rejuvenate and clear your skin.

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System will be available in February 2020. In Good Working Condition.

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Excellent condition LDX system. We also have a LDE system for sale

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This is a Miradry device that is 11 months old and has only been used 8 times. It is in mint condition, practically new. the device comes with the hand-piece, user manual, templates, icepacks, 6 tips. It is still under warrantee that expires at the end of December 2019.

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THERMO SCIENTIFIC Heratherm Incubator

Thermo scientific Heratherm Incubator 6.5 Cu Ft. In excellent working condition. Stainless steel interior.

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POLYMEDCO Sedimat 15 Blood Analyzer

Polymedco Sedimat 15 in excellent condition with Printer and Cable and Instrument Manual for Sedimentation Rate (ESR).

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THERMO SCIENTIFIC Heratherm Incubator

Thermo Scientific CO2 water jacket incubator, 6.5 Cu Ft Stainless steel chamber, TC sensor.
Highly resistant to corrosion
Sturdy adjustable shelves, easily removed without tools
Electropolished stainless steel for improved finish and resistance

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NOR LAKE Laboratory 2-Door Refrigerator Freezer

Laboratory Refrigerator 2-Door
81 1/2" High x 55" Wide x 34.6"Deep
3 Epoxy coated wire Shelves
Door mounted security lock
Adjustable temperature control range
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NOR LAKE NSPF522SSS0 Refrigerator Freezer

Laboratory Freezer 2-Door
81 1/2" High x 55" Wide x 34.6"Deep
3 Epoxy coated Shelves
Door mounted security lock
Adjustable temperature control range
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VWR VWR Microplate Shaker wTimer 120V 1200RPM Cat 12620926 Rotator/Mixer/Rocker

VWR R100 Microplate Shaker w/Timer | 120V 1200RPM | 12620-926. Almost new, hardly used.

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PERKIN ELMER VICTOR X3 Microplate Reader

Perkin Elmer VICTOR X 3 2030 MultiLabel Plate Reader UV-VIS,TRF,Luminescence,Fluores.
includes 1420-25xx Dispensers.
Certificate of conformity available.

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THERMOSCIENTIFIC Ref 5165000 Cell Washer

Wash 96-well plates securely with the Thermo Scientific Wellwash Microplate Washer, an easy-to-use, reliable microplate-strip washer for routine ELISA applications. The Wellwash features a graphical user interface, local language versions and USB port for optimal ease-of-use and convenience.


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LABCONCO Biosafety Hood Cabinet with Stand and Blower Fume/Bio Safety Hood

In excellent working condition.
Biosafety Hood Labconoco Cabinet PRFR A2 3 FT 115V 10 IN SASH + Stand Base for Purifier Delta + Hood 48" w/Motor Blower

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