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Used and New Dental Air Abrasion Unit Equipment Listings

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GAST JUNAIR 3xOF302-40M Dental Air Abrasion Unit For Sale

br vocab="" typeof="Product"> This Gast Jun-Air Cabinet Air Compressor is in excellent cosmetic and tested working condition. It is ready to use. All three internal compressors are working to... view more

May 27

Asking Price:
$1,799 USD

Cliff Godlevsky / Budget Medical
phone: +1 (520) 709-0315

AQUACARE twin Dental Air Abrasion Unit For Sale

Sold by dentandmed. com All photos of actual unit and everything that is included AquaCare dental air abrasion and air polishing for cavity preparation, cleaning and stain removal AquaCare... view more

May 26

Asking Price:
£850 GBP

Paul Gorton / Dentandmed
phone: +351 915432027


DANVILLE MICROETCHER II Dental Air Abrasion Unit For Sale

DANVILLE MICROETCHER II SandBlaster (Handpiece Only As Pictured) Used, in good condition. Includes only Handpiece. This does not include any parts or accessories not shown in the picture or... view more

May 22

Asking Price:
$150 USD

John Murray / JM and Associates
phone: +1 (203) 758-9503

John Murray / JM and Associates
phone: +1 (203) 758-9503

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Dental Air Abrasion Unit

Dental Air Abrasion Units are specialized pieces of equipment used by dentists to perform a variety of dental procedures. These units use a stream of pressurized air and tiny particles of aluminum oxide or other abrasive materials to remove tooth decay, plaque, and other debris from teeth. This type of dental equipment is much less invasive than traditional dental drills, and can be used to prepare teeth for fillings, sealants, and other dental treatments.

The price range for Dental Air Abrasion Units varies depending on the manufacturer and the features included. High-end units can cost upwards of $20,000, while more basic models can be purchased for as little as $2,000. Popular manufacturers of Dental Air Abrasion Units include Cavitron, Air Techniques, and Kavo. These companies offer a wide range of models with varying features and price points.