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Canes Crutches Walkers Supports For Sale and Wanted

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MEDLINE MDSV80535 Standard Aluminum Crutches, Adult Medium (200 Pairs) For Sale

This listing is for 25 cases (8 pairs per case). Total quantity of 200 pairs. 1 Pallet Standard aluminum push-button crutches feature a double extruded center tube that provides load-bearing... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
$2,000 USD


OTHER Leg Crutches DTS Leg Crutches For Sale

DTS SURGICAL LEG CRUTCHES; Has an universal fit to all tables that have metal railings on the side. For more information call us. A real time video demonstration is available for clients who... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
$995 USD

Rob Raymond / Dr's Toy Store
phone: +1 (954) 849-4671
November 27

Asking Price:
$199 USD

Naeem Khan / Instropoint Inc
phone: +1 (503) 706-0327
Jordan Doan / MAG Medical Equipment
phone: +1 (208) 429-1138 x109

DRIVE MEDICAL 10105-1, 10105-2, 10105HD-2 Universal Crutch/Walker Platform attachment For Sale

-H-shaped design improves its stability and makes it perfect for assisting with ambulation and improving gait. -The removable armrests and adjustable 8-height legs make it easy for users to... view more

November 26

Asking Price:
$120 USD


SPECTRAMED 2.0 iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Leg Crutch oct23 #22 For Sale

Spectra Med iWalk 2.0 Hands Free Leg Crutch, This unit is used and tested, the upper strap is missing, see pics for details. Manual, other straps and any accessories are not included THIS IS A... view more

November 25

Asking Price:
$125 USD

S Widmer / Robersondistribution
phone: +1 (954) 588-1565

RIFTON Unknown Special Children's Gait Trainer For Sale

p>Rifton Children'sspecial needs, Gait trainer. ... view more

November 23

Asking Price:
$370 USD


Childrens' Special Needs trainer For Sale

Children's special needs, Gait trainer.... view more

November 23

Asking Price:
$330 USD

Broc Zimerle / SxanPro
phone: +1 (616) 307-0462
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Canes Crutches Walkers Supports

Canes, crutches, walkers, and other support medical equipment are essential tools that aid individuals with mobility issues in maintaining their independence and improving their quality of life. Canes, typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, provide stability and balance assistance for those with mild mobility impairments. Crutches, available in various styles like underarm or forearm, are used to support weight and provide stability for individuals with more severe injuries or disabilities. Walkers, which come in different designs including standard, wheeled, or rollators, offer stability and support for individuals who require more assistance with walking.

The prices for these support medical equipment can vary depending on the type, features, and materials used. Canes are generally the most affordable option, with prices ranging from $15 to $50. Crutches can cost between $30 and $200, depending on the style and materials. Walkers have a wider price range, starting at around $50 for basic models and going up to $500 or more for advanced rollators with additional features such as seats and baskets.

There are several manufacturers in the space that produce high-quality support medical equipment. Some well-known manufacturers include Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Invacare, Nova Medical Products, and Carex. These companies offer a wide range of products to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that individuals can find the appropriate support medical equipment to suit their specific requirements.