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Spectroline Four Square 8x10 Electropheresis Radiograpy Cassette Cassette Holder, Chest For Sale

Product Functionality Items Included: Spectroline Four Square 8x10 Electropheresis Radiograpy Cassette R2v3 Functionality:  F4 - Hardware Functional   All hardware is... view more

December 05

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Ryan Spencer / Sunnking inc.
phone: +1 (585) 391-1019
December 03

Asking Price:
$100 USD


SOYEE PRODUCTS mobile Cassette Holder, Chest For Sale

This mobile cassette holder has 3 swivel locking casters; left, right, up and down positions. It holds 8x10 to 14x17 cassettes/grids and is in good condition and available immediately. Our asking... view more

December 01

Asking Price:
$550 USD


SPARK Ergonomics Cassette Holder, Chest For Sale

Spark Ergonomics Rtg 9-12 US Mobile Cassette Holder... view more

December 01  
Gustavo Polo / GP Medical
phone: +1 (718) 915-7713

TAMRO MEDLAB Spark e, Type: RTG 9-12 US Cassette Holder, Chest For Sale

Tamro Medlab Spark e X-ray Cassette Holder with 2 Reina Imaging Protect-A-Grids – 1 complete set The following equipment is in stock and available for purchase! This equipment is in good used... view more

November 27

Asking Price:
$1,500 USD


PREMIERE 97-0600 CassCab Storage Cabinet Cassette Holder, Chest For Sale

This six-drawer storage cabinet is created to store up to 2,100 tissue cassettes per cabinet with removable sponge blocks for safe keeping. Made of ABS plastic, the interlocking system allows for... view more

November 16

Asking Price:
$100 USD

Julio Dorival / C&A Scientific
phone: +1 (703) 330-1314

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Cassette Holder, Chest

A cassette holder, or chest equipment, is an essential piece of equipment used in the medical field. It is used to store and organize patient's medical records, such as X-rays, CT scans, and other medical imaging studies. The cassette holder is typically made of metal and is designed to hold up to 10 cassettes. It is also equipped with a handle for easy transport. The cassettes are secured in the holder by a locking mechanism, ensuring that the records are kept safe and secure.

The price range for a cassette holder can vary depending on the size and quality of the holder. Generally, a basic cassette holder can cost anywhere from $20 to $100. Higher quality holders can cost up to $400. Many medical equipment manufacturers offer cassette holders, such as Philips, GE, and Siemens. These manufacturers offer a wide range of cassette holders, from basic models to more advanced models with additional features.