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FUJI Type C Cassettes For Sale

Package of Fuji Phosphor cassettes for transferring images to a digital device. - 16x Fuji IP Cassette, Type C, 18 x 24 cm - 9x Fuji IP Cassette, Type C, 24 x 30 cm - 2x Fuji IP Cassette, Type... view more

September 25

Asking Price:
€250 EUR
€125 EUR (50% Off)

Mediproma B.V.
phone: +31 184670479
September 23

Asking Price:
$120 USD

Trinity bargains LLC
phone: +1 (630) 519-4245
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Cassettes equipment is a type of audio equipment that is used to store audio recordings on a cassette tape. It is typically used to record and playback music, audio books, and other recordings. The equipment consists of a cassette player, a cassette recorder, and a microphone. The cassette player plays back the audio recordings on the cassette tape, while the cassette recorder records the audio onto the cassette tape.

The price range for cassettes equipment can vary depending on the type of equipment and manufacturer. Generally, basic cassette players and recorders can range from around $20 to $100. Higher-end models can range from $200 to $500 or more. Some of the more popular manufacturers of cassettes equipment include Sony, Panasonic, and Yamaha. These companies make a variety of different models, from basic cassette players to high-end professional-grade equipment.