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BAUSCH & LOMB Microkeratome For Sale and Wanted

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Microkeratomes Refurbished In-House By Experienced B & L Engineer

We have a B & L trained engineer on staff who fully refurbishes Microkeratome at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, USA. Each unit is tested to ensure accuracy; Experience shipping world-wide to more than 100 countries. Call 1-877-924-2020

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BAUSCH & LOMB HT230 Microkeratome For Sale

Bausch & Lomb Hansatome HT 230 Keratome. - S/N: PE01025 - Runtime cycle: 2 min ON / 15 min OFF - System powers up; further not tested. - Available as box only. 314BAUS0001 The sale of... view more

December 05

Asking Price:
€350 EUR

Mediproma B.V.
phone: +31 184670479

BAUSCH & LOMB Hansatome Zero Compression Heads & Rings Microkeratome w Console Microkeratome For Sale

Bausch & Lomb Hansatome Microkeratome with Zero Compression Heads/Rings/Motor & Refurbished Console. Condition is EXCELLENT and fully refurbished! We replace several parts inside the console with... view more

December 05

Asking Price:
$5,750 USD

Sean O'Donnell / Laser Locators
phone: +1 (877) 924-2020 x1

BAUSCH & LOMB Hansatome Microkeratome For Sale

We are offering a Refurbished Bausch & Lomb Microkeratome B&L Hansatome, with warranty. This system is complete with Zero Compression Heads and Rings along with a fully refurbished power supply... view more

December 05  
December 03

Asking Price:
$5,500 USD

Sean O'Donnell / Laser Locators
phone: +1 (877) 924-2020 x1

BAUSCH & LOMB XP Microkeratome For Sale

B&L XP Hansatomes in like new condition. Complete sets in original carry case. Each system is PM'd prior to shipment.... view more

November 30  

BAUSCH & LOMB Excellus Zyoptix XP Hansatome Microkeratome For Sale

B&L Hansatome Zyoptix XP with Excellus Power Supply IN STOCK and Ready to Ship The microkeratome comes complete with the following items; Dual Tray Setup! Excellus Backlit Power Supply... view more

November 13  
Brian Myrback / GLOBAL DSR
phone: +1 (855) 295-2020
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Microkeratome equipment is a type of medical device used in the field of ophthalmology. It is used to cut a thin flap in the cornea of the eye in order to perform laser eye surgery. The device is used to create a precise and uniform corneal flap, which is then lifted so that the laser can be used to reshape the cornea.

The price range for microkeratome equipment varies depending on the manufacturer and the features of the device. Generally, the cost of a microkeratome ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Some of the leading manufacturers of microkeratome equipment include Alcon, Technolas, and Nidek. These companies offer a variety of models and features, so it is important to research and compare the different options available in order to find the best fit for your needs.