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Gloves Services and Repairs

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Gloves equipment is a type of protective gear designed to protect the hands from potential hazards. It is commonly used in industrial settings, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, and medical facilities. Gloves come in a variety of materials, such as leather, rubber, and synthetic materials, and are designed to provide protection from a variety of hazards, including cuts, scrapes, and chemical burns.

Gloves equipment is available from a variety of manufacturers, including PIP, Ansell, and MCR Safety. Prices for gloves equipment vary depending on the type and quality of the material used. Generally, prices range from around $5 to $20 per pair. Higher-end gloves, such as those made of Kevlar or other specialty materials, can cost up to $50 per pair. Additionally, gloves may be purchased in bulk, which can reduce the cost per pair.