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Otoscope Services and Repairs
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An otoscope is a medical instrument used to examine the ear canal and eardrum. It is commonly used to diagnose ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, and other ear-related issues. The device consists of a handle, a light source, and a magnifying lens.

Otoscope equipment is available from a variety of manufacturers, including Welch Allyn, Riester, Heine, and Keeler. Prices range from around $30 for a basic otoscope to several hundred dollars for a more advanced model. Most otoscopes come with a variety of interchangeable ear specula, which allow the user to examine different sized ear canals.

Otoscope equipment is an essential tool for medical professionals, and it is also used by parents and caregivers to check for ear infections in children. It is important to choose an otoscope that is of good quality, as this will ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment.