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CINCINNATI SUB-ZERO CSZ Blanketrol II 222R Hyper Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Item # 229938, 229939, 229944, 229943, 230556, 230557, 238478, 238482, 238289, 238479 Title: Cincinnati Sub-Zero CSZ Blanketrol II 222R Hyper-Hypothermia Unit Manufacturer: Cincinnati Model:... view more

February 28

Asking Price:
$350 USD
$315 USD (10% Off)


CINCINNATI SUB-ZERO 747 Micro-Temp Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Micro-Temp 2 747. Refurbished/Tested. Includes hoses. All valves have been checked, tested and replaced if necessary.... view more

February 28

Asking Price:
$569 USD


CINCINNATI SUB ZERO Blanketroll II Hypothermia Unit For Sale

**As-Is** Lot of 11 Blanketrol II. Powers on and no further testing has been done.... view more

February 28

Asking Price:
$9,500 USD

February 28

Asking Price:
$450 USD


SEABROOK Mini-Temp SMS-4000 Hypothermia Unit For Sale

FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada. This is a very clean, US made, compact patient warmer with five pads (24"x40") which appear to have seen little or no use. This unit appears to be in very... view more

February 28

Asking Price:
$600 USD


AMERICAN MEDICAL K-Thermia RK600 Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Powers up, heats up and pumps. 120 VAC powered and includes a hospital grade plug. May need to be calibrated to ensure heat ranges are accurate after shipping. The casing has some scrathes and light... view more

February 28

Asking Price:
$100 USD

February 28

Asking Price:
$1,592 USD

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MTRE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Allon 2001 Hypothermia Unit For Sale

Item # 241463, 241428, 239601 Title: MTRE Advanced Technologies Allon 2001 Hypothermia Unit Manufacturer: MTRE Advanced Technologies Model: Allon 2001 Description: Hypothermia Unit Quantity: 3... view more

February 27

Asking Price:
$1,950 USD