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Used and New MRI Tools Equipment Listings

Auction Alert - Live Now: Therapeutic Technologies Surplus Auctions March 30th

Therapeutic Technologies closeout auctions take place on DOTmed.com. Bid on over 1200+ lots of used medical equipment in our Philadelphia area warehouse, WITHOUT RESERVES. Contact Amy St.Cyr at Amy@TherapeuticTech.net or (954) 254-9660.

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SIEMENS MPSU 3600 MRI Tools Wanted

We are looking for Oxford MPSU 3600. Magnet power supply unit for Siemens mri magnets. Siemens M/N:... view more

March 29  
Eduard Hess / MSG GmbH
phone: +49 022338059994

GE 46-287325G1 Advanced Service Tool Phantom ~ MRI Tools For Sale

Product details: Manufacturer General Electric Company Item: GE 46-287325G1 Advanced Service Tool Phantom Model/Cat # 46-287325G1 Serial No. 42286MR5 Made In: ... view more

March 26

Asking Price:
$395 USD

Asif Bhinder / Medicka
phone: +1 (952) 232-5970

GE MRI AN 8135 RF Amplifier for the 3.0T 750 MRI, Liquid Cooled Analogic. P/N : 5135844 REV 10 MRI Tools For Sale

Manufactured for GE Healthcare by ANALOGIC. Peabody, MA 01960, 3.0T RF Amplifier 35kW Model: AN8135 REV 11 Analogic P/N: 10-64721-02 GE P/N: 5135844 REV 10 Outright Purchase, Repair,... view more

March 26  
Sunny Tabrizi / Sound Imaging
phone: +1 (866) 530-7850

GE Ramp & Shim Power Supply MRI Tools For Sale

(Available for Sale or Rent) This GE Compatible Ramping and Shimming Combination exceeds industry specifications and is provided with clamps and interconnect cables required to RAMP and/or SHIM GE... view more

March 26  
Sunny Tabrizi / Sound Imaging
phone: +1 (866) 530-7850

GE Grafidy Kit MRI Tools For Sale

MRI Eddy Current/MRI Grafidy Kit for sale. Also available as Rental. Loaners: Available "ISO Certified, In Business Since 1996" Please contact us for pricing, warranty information and more... view more

March 26  
Sunny Tabrizi / Sound Imaging
phone: +1 (866) 530-7850

Cold Magnets Ramp Shim Power Supply Unit MRI Tools For Sale

Assembled and Designed by Digit Systems International DSI Kepler Series MPS2.0 - Compatible with GE Power Supply - Customized carrying case - 1-year full warranty GE Add-on - GE Ramp Probe... view more

March 25  
James Lee / Digit Systems
phone: +1 (404) 500-2183

GE Dielectric Corp 2135652 Short Loader w/ Sphere Phantom 2135650 MRI Tools For Sale

Dielectric Corp 2135652 Short Loader w/ Sphere Phantom 2135650 General Electric Company GE Dielectric Corp Short Loader w/ Sphere Phantom Short Loader: 2135652
 Sphere Phantom: 2135650 Comes as... view more

March 25

Asking Price:
$624 USD
$499 USD (20% Off)


GE System Upgrade MRI Tools For Sale

System upgrades are available for all GE CXK4 MRI Systems. We can also offer a turnkey field upgrade from 9x to 23x platforms, or any level in between. Components used in upgrading your system... view more

March 25  
March 24  
March 24  

PHILIPS Panorama 0.23 and 0.6 MRI Tools For Sale

Removed from training school Panorama 0.23T and 0.6T... view more

March 24  
March 09  
AL Marco / Imx group
phone: +1 (954) 300-1458


SIEMENS MAgnetom Aera / Skyra Shim Device davinci MRI Tools For Sale

10501081. Array shim device,davinci MAgnetom Aera / Skyra Rental only. Ask for further... view more

March 06  
phone: +90 5412903050
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MRI Tools

MRI Tools are advanced medical imaging devices used to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. They use powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of the body's internal organs and structures. MRI Tools are used to diagnose and monitor conditions such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, and other neurological disorders.

MRI Tools are typically manufactured by companies such as Philips, Siemens, and GE Healthcare. These companies produce a wide range of MRI Tools, from basic scanners to more advanced systems. The cost of MRI Tools varies depending on the type of system and the features included. Basic scanners can range from $20,000 to $100,000, while more advanced systems can cost up to $1 million. Additionally, some MRI Tools require additional software and accessories, which can add to the cost.