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MID CENTRAL MEDICAL MCM-168 Insta-Rail Support For Sale

MCM-168 Insta-Rail Support Surgical Table Accessory Quickly and easily attach this clamp with a rail to your imaging table making it more versatile for your accessory needs. Features a clamp... view more

September 23

Asking Price:
$119 USD


MID CENTRAL MEDICAL MCM-450 Elbow Arthroscopy Positioner For Sale

MCM-450 Elbow Arthroscopy Positioner Surgical Table Accessory This surgical arm prepper places the patients elbow in an optimal positioning for elbow arthroscopy. Easy access to a tourniquet... view more

September 23

Asking Price:
$249 USD


MID CENTRAL MEDICAL MCM-612 Total Knee Replacement Support For Sale

MCM612 Total Knee Replacement Support Surgical Table Accessory Utilizes Black Polyoxy-methlyne for ultimate protection and support. Item is radiolucent. Black pad included. Extra pads available... view more

September 23

Asking Price:
$329 USD


MID CENTRAL MEDICAL MCM-160 Standard Clark Socket For Sale

MCM-160 Stainless Steel Standard Clark Socket Surgical Table Accessory Features: Accepts round post accessories up to 11/16" diameter. #304 solid stainless-steel construction. Compatible with... view more

September 23

Asking Price:
$139 USD


MAQUET 1001.62A0 Hand surgery table For Sale

Used, good technical condition, German production, It is used to carry out microsurgical procedures and operations on the upper limbs, The dimensions of the mattress: 37.5 x 84 x 2 cm allow the... view more

September 18  
Jason Brody / JayBMed INC.
phone: +1 (813) 391-4538
September 17

Asking Price:
$230 USD

September 17

Asking Price:
$250 USD


MIDMARK 623 Footswitch For Sale

Please contact us for more information.... view more

September 17

Asking Price:
$350 USD