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Used and New Vet. Ultrasound Equipment Listings

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WELLD 9618 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Ultrasound Welld 9618 vet Use... view more

October 06  

POCVODA C5PLUS VET Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

C5Plus, a high-quality, fully digital color Doppler system at an affordable price designed for stationary as well as mobile use. Uses innovative, fully digital technology to deliver highest possible... view more

October 06

Asking Price:
$4,300 USD


EDAN DUS 60 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

- Your choice of probe ( C361-2, C611-2, V563-2, L761-2, or L743-2) - Pulse Wave Doppler for cardiac diagnostics - Phase inversion harmonic imaging improves contrast resolution - Multi-bem... view more

October 05  

POCVODA V8 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Specification: Screen Size: 5.5 inch, TFT color LCD Display Mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B Gray Scale: 256 levels Scan Depth: 70-240mm, adjustable Cineloop: ≥400 frames Buil-in Memory: 64 images ... view more

October 05

Asking Price:
$950 USD


SIUI CTS800 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Monitor: 7-inch WVGA LCD monitor Weight: 0.8kg Environmental rating: IP54 (main unit) IP67 (probe head) Battery: 3 hours operation time Display mode: B 2B ZOOM B B/M M Depth: Max to 250mm B... view more

October 05

Asking Price:
$1,800 USD


GE Logiq P5 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Tested by factory trained Biomedical engineers and ready for overnight... view more

October 05  

TOSHIBA Xario100 TUS-X100 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Microcovnex PVU-712BT   Microsector PSU-50BT BW printer P95 Software Ver.3.0 with CW DICOM YOM... view more

October 04  

TOSHIBA Just Vision 400 SSA-325A Diagnostic Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Product details Manufacturer : Toshiba Corp. Item: Toshiba Just Vision 400 SSA-325A Diagnosic Vet Ultrasound W/ Computer & Monitor Model/Cat # SSA-325A Serial No. 89582656 Made In: Japan Date... view more

October 04

Asking Price:
$525 USD

Asif Bhinder / Medicka
phone: +1 (952) 232-5970

EMP N5vet Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

EMP N5vet. Portable Veterinary Ultrasound System with 12" LED Monitor Year of manufacturing: 2013 Software: V1.4 Installed Options: M-Mode Zoom CineLoop Transducers: EMP 5 Mhz... view more

October 03  

POCVODA C3V Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

C3V A hand-carried color doppler system equipped with advanced technologies with high resolution image quality Based on leading digital ultrasound technologies, C3 offers superb 2D and Premier... view more

October 02

Asking Price:
$4,000 USD


PLUSMED Q20PlusVet back fat muscle measurements marbling Loin Muscle Area Scanning Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Specific designed linear probe 150/180 mm long to measure back-fat, perimeter and area of loin. Standoff for measurement of perimeter and area of loin. This standoff is necessary for full display... view more

September 28  

ESAOTE MYLAB ALPHA Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

MyLab™Alpha: Top Performance In Action MyLab™Alpha, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value has been designed to offer Top Performance Ultrasound and high dynamism in very reduced size... view more

September 27

Asking Price:
$25,000 USD


BETTER BT-3100 Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Basic Info Model NO.: BT-3100 Origin: China Product Details: Main Unit Parameters Scanning Model Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array Frequency 2.0MHz-7.5MHz ... view more

September 27

Asking Price:
$1,750 USD


BETTER B-2000A Vet. Ultrasound For Sale

Basic info: Model NO.:B-2000A Origin: China Product Details: Main Unit Parameters Scanning Model Mechanical Sector Scanning Frequency 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 5.0MHz Display Depth... view more

September 27

Asking Price:
$1,050 USD