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Used and New CT Scanner Equipment Listings

Integrity Medical Systems, Inc. - Multi-Slice CT Scanners (239) 454-9555

Since 1989 Integrity Medical has provided "Quality Without Compromise" to healthcare providers nationwide. We sell Refurbished CT Scanners with a solid warranty and guaranteed image quality. Call for a "turn-key" quotation.

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PhiGEM Parts - Over 20,000 Parts In Stock Now! Call 347.985.1679

ALL Imaging Modalities - All Major Manufacturers. We Sell what We Stock = Cost Savings to You! (347) 985-1679 - PhiGEM.com. GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Picker, & more! Ask for a quote today.

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GE Lightspeed Plus 4 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed Plus 4 Slice CT Scanner with Xtreme Console DOM: 2003 Quad Slice Acquisition, Xtreme Console, Approximately 63,505,657 mAs Counts on the Performix X-Ray Tube (Installed New... view more

November 28  

GE Highspeed Dual CT CT Scanner For Sale

GE Highspeed Dual CT DOM: 2005 Tube: 2007 | 47 Mil mAs... view more

November 28  

GE Brightspeed Elite 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 GE Brightspeed 16 Slice CT Scanner Application SW: 13BW29.5_SP1-2-1.HP_P_G16_G_HPT Console: TIO Data Acquisition System: GDAS16 Power Distribution Unit: NGPDU Installed Tube: Performix... view more

November 28  

GE Lightspeed 4 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed 4 Slice CT DOM: 2001 6 mil mAs Tube year: 2020 ... view more

November 28  

PHILIPS MX8000 IDT 16 Slice CT & Spare Parts -- Worldwide leader!!

HIGH QUALITY fully tested & refurbished systems to manufacturer specifications like new. Installation & service support worldwide. Parts & tubes in stock with warranty. Sales@Elsmed.com Call 813-925-1314

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SIEMENS Emotion 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2022 X-ray Tube Siemens Emotion 16 Slice CT Scanner 2022 Dura 422 Xray tube Tube Scan seconds 160k Software version: VB42B Professionally De... view more

November 28  

SIEMENS Emotion 6 CT Scanner For Sale

2006 Siemens Emotion 6 Slice CT Scanner 2014 Dura 422 Xray tube Tube Scan seconds 104188 as of 3/28/2022 Software version: VB42B Options: CAP3D_VOIMODE, BOLUS_TRACK, CAP3D_FLYMODE, CARE_DOSE,... view more

November 28  

NEUROLOGICA CereTom CT Scanner For Sale

Work station shown in photos included Sold as is - Open to any reasonable offer ... view more

November 28  

PHILIPS Brilliance 16 Big Bore CT-scanner CT Scanner For Sale

Philips Brilliance 16 Big Bore CT-scanner System is from 2012 X-ray tube MRC 800 from 2012 (no exact scanseconds known: approx.. 1.2 mil.) EBW is included Available in our warehouse in... view more

November 28  

Call Atlantis Worldwide for Your Refurbished & Used CT Scanner Needs!

We provide cost effective solutions for your budget & assist you in buying, selling, site planning, project management, installation, service & maintenance for your CT. For our turn-key solutions contact us today 212-366-9100 or info@atlantisworldwide.com


PHILIPS Brilliance Big Bore 16 CT Scanner For Sale

Philips Brilliance Big Bore 16 YOM: 2010 Tube YOM: 2010 Tube usage: 350k SS Software level:... view more

November 28  

GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Light Speed VCT 64 slice CT Scanner DOM: 2005 Z400 computer. GOC 6.5. Currently running 11.MW4.1 Software. Hercules Performix Pro VCT tube part # 2219500 2014 tube with 60,700,000 MaS, 19,000... view more

November 28  

GE LightSpeed 32 PRO with 2021 tube CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed Pro 32 CT Scanner Feb 2021 Varian tube: Insert Model: 2291563 Housing Model: 2219500 28 Mil mAs of tube usage ONLY SW version: 07mw18.4_sp4-1-3.v40_h_v32_g_gtl Options: ... view more

November 28  

GE Discovery 750HD CT Scanner For Sale

GE Discovery 750HD 64 Slice CT Tube: Performix HD ROHS Model: Perseus Installed : November 2019 2019 Tube mAs:52785857 Manufacture Date: 2010 Associated Equipment: Manuals Software: ... view more

November 28  

Altima - Your CT / MRI Diagnostic Imaging Specialists!

Altima will inspire the trust, loyalty and commitment of our customers through positive relationships and collaboration, top quality equipment services, and a clearly superior value proposition. Call Today (469) 644-7063

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GE Bright Speed 16 with Solarix Tube CT Scanner For Sale

2010 GE BrightSpeed 16 Slices CT Scanner S Console: AIO swhwinfo: 11BW46.3_SP2-2-1.HP_S_G16_G_HLT Gantry: hp-jedi60Lite DAS: GDAS_H16_16 Detector: Watson16 Table: HLT Product Software Option... view more

November 28  

GE Brightspeed Elite 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 GE Brightspeed 16 Power Elite CT Scanner X-Ray Tube Model:2137130-5 DOM: July 2015 Tube mA Seconds 67328457 Tube Scan Seconds 309653 as of May 5 2021 Insert Model:2120785-2 with S/N:72415... view more

November 28  

AFFYMETRIX GeneChip 3000 7G CT Scanner For Sale

Item # 267963 Title: Affymetrix GeneChip 3000 7G Scanner Manufacturer: Affymetrix Model: GeneChip 3000 7G Description: Scanner Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Item Condition:... view more

November 28

Asking Price:
$950 USD

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