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LIEBEL-FLARSHEIM CT 9000 – Injector Signal Generator For Sale

Liebel Flarsheim CT 9000 Injector The CT 9000® ADV injector is a dedicated computed tomography contrast media delivery system designed to enhance ease-of-operation and procedural time... view more

December 03  

FLUKE Philips PM 6622 Counter Timer 80 MHz Signal Generator For Sale

The PM 6622 is a Swedish made microcomputer-based timer/counter designed to satisfy a wide range of frequency and time measurement requirements. Its general purpose versatility, high accuracy crystal... view more

December 02

Asking Price:
$200 USD
$160 USD (20% Off)


MASIMO Radical RDS-1 Signal Extractor Pulse Oximeter Signal Generator For Sale

has some scratches overall good cosmetic condition missing one leg one leg is loose has crack on bottom left... view more

November 29

Asking Price:
$50 USD

Houston Liquidator
phone: +1 (281) 323-9923

SENCORE ATX 2000 Signal Generator For Sale

Sencore ATX2000 ATX 2000 ATSC-M/H Multiplex Signal Generator L-390... view more

November 24

Asking Price:
$6,500 USD


ASTRO DESIGN VG-814 Signal Generator For Sale

Astrodesign Inc. VG-814 Digital Video Generator In very good condition, in full working order The Astro Design VG-814 has a dot clock range up to 75 MHz and HDTV (tri-level sync) outputs. It is... view more

November 22

Asking Price:
$750 USD

Bob Winters / AMI Medical Imaging
phone: +1 (412) 349-0045