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SUMITOMO RDK-408L2 MRI Coldhead For Sale

Our Sumitomo RDK-408L2 Coldhead has been tested to meet O.E.M. Spec. Exchange as well as Repair of your unit is available.... view more

December 10  

SUMITOMO RDK-408L2 MRI Coldhead For Sale

Exchange available for MRI Coldheads.... view more

December 09  
David Baldwin / Cool Pair Plus
phone: +1 (224) 293-6060

SUMITOMO RDK-408L2 MRI Coldhead For Sale

Part Number: RDK-408L2 RDK-408L2 Coldhead Sumitomo We are selling a coldhead by Sumitomo for many kinds of MRI devices. The coldhead is in very good condition. If you have any questions you... view more

December 04  
Andre Mehl / Slight Edge UG
phone: +49 17610332423

SUMITOMO RDK-408L2 MRI Coldhead For Sale

Sumitomo Cold Head RDK-408L2 for Siemens MRI Fully refurbished In stock Email me for details.... view more

December 03  
Daniel Efigenio / Rumo Tech Corp
phone: +1 (305) 777-1323

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