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GE Optima MRI Scanner

Bid Now: $5,000 USD

9 days, 7 hours +

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Hitachi Airis II for Sale. This MRI was manufactured in the year 2000. System is currently installed and in excellent operating condition. Please contact us for more information regarding... view more

October 15  

GE Signa 1.5T HDxt 16x MRI w/CXK4 Magnet MRI Scanner For Sale

GE 1.5T Signa HDxt 16x MRI w/CXK4 Magnet Signa HDxt 1.5T 16x EchoSpeed 8-Channel includes: CXK4 Magnet Liberty detachable patient table Actively-shielded, high fidelity EchoSpeed gradients ... view more

October 15  

ESAOTE E scan RF Pavilion MRI Scanner For Sale

This is a complete Esaote E scan Pavilion RF shielding/Faraday cage. This room was professionally de-installed, 100% aluminum. cage is palletized and ready for immediate shipment. This Pavilion can... view more

October 15

Asking Price:
$4,500 USD

Servicing GE, Philips and Siemens MRI equipment with OEM trained engineers

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GE Signa Lx 1.5t MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE 1.5T Echospeed 1.5T MRI Erbtec RF amp 8945 Gradient amp 70% helium in clinical use New England area available now... view more

October 15  

NEUSOFT Superstar 0.35T MRI Scanner For Sale

2004 System with software version 2.4.1. System is up and running Need to be taken out... view more

October 15  


2005 Hitachi Airis 2 open MRI 5.1 Software Coils : QD BODY M QD BODY L QD BODY XL QD HEAD QD KNEE QD C. Spine QD Wrist QD Shoulder Joint/ Neck Latch... view more

October 15  

GE Excite HD MRI Scanner For Sale

2005 SIGNA Profile EXCITE HD - YOM : 2005 - Coils : Body Flex-M, Body Flex-L, Extremity, Head, Flex S - Software Ver :... view more

October 15  

BRAVO IMAGING – Multi-Vendor / Multi-Modality / Imaging Service Providers

BRAVO IMAGING buys, sells, installs, repairs, & services imaging equipment including MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammo, Bone Densitometers, Nuclear Medicine, DR, CR, & PACs. Let us be your point of contact for all your imaging needs! 954.368.2399

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GE Ovation MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE Ovation 0.35T MRI 8290 gradients 15 mT/m SR 25 T/m/s 4 channel configuration Software revision level MFO3.291a_M4_0837.a MRA PHASED ARRAY FSE, NEURO, FLAIR FIESTA 2D, 3D GRAD ECHO... view more

October 15  

PHILIPS Panorama 1.0T HFO MRI Scanner For Sale

2009 Philips Panaroma 1.0T HFO software version is Coils: Sense Head Sense Neck Sense Knee Sense Shoulder Sense Wrist Body/spine Med Body/spine XL Extremity Med Currently in... view more

October 15  

HITACHI Airis 1 MRI Scanner For Sale

Hitachi Airis 1 Serial number A139 10 coils 7.0 Software Available immediately... view more

October 15  

HITACHI AIRIS Elite MRI Scanner For Sale

2011 Hitachi Elite Software Version 5.1 H063 Serial number - Original Elite Coils: 10 coils 3 BODY COIL(MEDIUM, LARGE, XL) QD KNEE NECK/JOINT QD SOULDER QD HEAD C SPINE RAPID HEAD COIL ... view more

October 15  

Althea US-The source for quality Imaging parts,equipment,training & support

Competitive pricing & 3-month warranty on in-house parts. Installs & deinstalls, magnet monitoring, training from industry professionals, free tech support, and complete system sales, are just a few services we offer. Call us anytime at (615) 448-6095.

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SIEMENS Essenza 1.5T MRI Scanner Wanted

Need Siemens Essenza 1.5T machine in good working... view more

October 15  
14. Request For Proposal MRI Scanner: November 07, 2018
  • Title:
  • Category: MRI Scanner
  • Equipment Manufacturer: PHILIPS
  • Equipment Model: Panorama HFO 1T MRI scanner
  • Comments: We are looking for Philips MRI Panorama HFO 1T - Hot

GE 1.5T Signa Excite HDxt 15x MRI MRI Scanner For Sale

GE 1.5T Signa Excite HDxt 15x MRI The Signa Excite HDxt 15x 1.5T MRI scanner is a premium system designed for high-definition, anatomically optimized imaging. This GE Signa HDxt 15x 1.5T MRI... view more

October 14