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STI manufacturers Imaging Tables-Pain Management, Vascular, Urology Tables

STI offers a wide variety of imaging tables, all our tables have a 500lb capacity, 4 year warranty & have the ability to come up to 5 movements. The carbon fiber rectangular 24" x 84" offer a crystal clear image.




OAKWORKS CFPM300 C-Arm Table For Sale

**New - Call for Qualifying Discounts **Lead Time: Typically In-Stock to 3-4 Weeks (Subject to availability at the time the order is placed) **Features: 3 Powered Motions: Height,... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$13,322 USD


MORGAN FLTLT C-Arm Table For Sale

Morgan Model FLTLT C-Arm Table For Sale. Elevation, tilt, lateral roll and longitudinal power shift carbon top. Includes pad, hand control, foot control, articulating arm board and power cord. 400#... view more

October 16  

IDI Aspect 100RT C-Arm Table For Sale

IDI Aspect 100RT C-Arm table for sale. Slim profile for small spaces. 3-motion 24x80 carbon top. Elevation, tilt and lateral roll. 450# weight capacity. Includes pad, hand control and power cord.... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$3,999 USD


MORGAN UD 400 C-Arm Table For Sale

Morgan UD 400 C-Arm Imaging Table. In Stock. Includes Deluxe Pad and Hand Control. Three Motion: Elevation, Tilt and Lateral Roll. Satisfaction Guaranteed! EXWarehouse Canton... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$4,499 USD

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KenQuest offers several makes and models of Imaging tables to meet your needs. We carry Stryker, Medstone, Oakworks, and more. Call us today for the best pricing and customer service around.


OTHER Mizuho OSI 6844 Insite C-Arm Table For Sale

2013 Mizuho OSI Insite Table [A-007077] Insight Hand Pendant Arm Board Mounting Bracket Pedestal End Arm Board Mounting Bracket Articulating Arm Board w/ Pad Insite Crossbar Cervical Mounts ... view more

October 16  

Power Chair C-Arm Table For Sale

Multi-Purpose Stretcher Chair This high durability Multi-Purpose chair was built with flexibility in mind in order to create a treatment chair to address the wide variety of needs in Triage,... view more

October 16  

Surgical Stretcher C C-Arm Table For Sale

Motorized infinite positioning from chair to stretcher, 500lbs. patient weight capacity, wider/longer patient surface and ease of mobility are all designed to enable pre-induction, transport,... view more

October 16  

Fluoroscopy Chair C-Arm Table For Sale

The TMM3 Series features innovative motorized patient positioning that reduces the swallow study procedures time and increases your fluoroscopy suites productivity. * 350 LB PATIENT WEIGHT... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS CFPM 300 C-Arm Table For Sale

2017 Oakworks CFPM 300 Integrated Headrest DEMO Table...Available... view more

October 16  

STI Streamline Series Imaging Tables C-Arm Table For Sale

Designed for high patient throughput for surgery centers, pain management, and other multidisciplinary medical facilities, the Streamline series X-ray imaging tables are the lowest priced tables in... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS Interventional Supine Pillow System C-Arm Table For Sale

~Supports patient’s neck in a position of comfort to reduce muscle spasm ~Secures the cervical spine in either neutral or rotation ~Creates an unobstructed working space for physicians’ hands ... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS CFPM301 - Rectangular Top C-Arm Table For Sale

Industry's Largest Adjustable Height Range of 26"- 44" 56" Metal Free Imaging Space Cost Effective 3 Movement Table Motion 1 Electric Height Range 26 in. - 44 in. (66-112cm) Motion 2 Electric... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS CFPM401-Integrated Headrest C-Arm Table For Sale

~Industry's Largest Adjustable Height Range 26"- 44" ~56" Metal Free Imaging Space ~Cost Effective 4 Movement Table ~Integrated Headrest ~500 lb Patient Weight Capacity Carbon Fiber Top - 56... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS CFPM401-Rectangular-Top C-Arm Table For Sale

~Industry's Largest Adjustable Height Range 26"- 44" ~56" Metal Free Imaging Space ~Cost Effective 4 Movement Table ~500 lb Patient Weight Capacity Top Dimensions - Rectangular 24 in. (61cm)... view more

October 16  

OAKWORKS CFPM300-Integrated Headrest C-Arm Table For Sale

-Industry's Largest Adjustable Height Range of 26"- 44" -56" Metal Free Imaging Space -Integrated Headrest -Cost Effective 3 Movement Table -500 lb Patient Weight... view more

October 16