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Laser - Co2

Laser-CO2 equipment is a type of laser cutting technology used for a variety of applications, such as marking, engraving, and cutting. This type of laser is powered by a carbon dioxide gas mixture, which is why it is referred to as a CO2 laser. The laser beam is focused on the material, which is then heated up to the point of melting, vaporizing, or burning away the material. This results in a clean and precise cut.

The uses for laser-CO2 equipment are vast, ranging from industrial applications such as cutting metal, plastic, and wood, to medical applications such as laser surgery and tattoo removal. The price range for laser-CO2 equipment varies depending on the type of machine and the features included. Generally, the cost of a basic laser-CO2 machine starts around $10,000 and can range up to $100,000 or more for more complex machines. Some of the most popular manufacturers of laser-CO2 equipment include Epilog, Universal, Trotec, and Coherent.