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February 28

Asking Price:
$24 USD


DEROYAL ULTRAlign + Large ULTRAlign + Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis Sternal Pad Anterior Large 20dec A# For Sale

DeRoyal ULTRAlign + Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis Sternal Pad Anterior Large, **MAIN UNIT ONLY, NO POWER CORD, NO ACCESSORIES**SEE SELLERS PHOTOS. THIS AUCTION IS FOR (1x) UNIT ONLY, NO POWER CORD,... view more

February 25

Asking Price:
$69 USD



We have 1 EPS8000 units, loaded with accessories. It is cosmetically clean and pulled from a working practice. Crating and Shipping extra. Includes: • Venturi Electrode Leads • Venturi... view more

February 22

Asking Price:
$6,500 USD

Brian Hardy / Global Decompression
phone: +1 (954) 333-8342
February 22

Asking Price:
$2,499 USD

Jason Brody / JayBMed INC
phone: +1 (813) 391-4538

MEDX Rehab Portable Laser Rehab Portable Laser For Sale

Phototherapy is an effective, non-invasive, drug-free solution that has no known side effects. It has been used as a means for reducing pain and speeding healing for over 30 years. Professional... view more

February 21  

MEDX Health Home Unit MedX Health Home Unit For Sale

MedX Phototherapy is a proven and highly effective treatment which increases local microcirculation, accelerates tissue repair, reduces pain, and decreases inflammation/edema, enhances immune... view more

February 21  

MEDX Rehab Laser Console System Rehab Laser Console System For Sale

The compact MedX Console controls & powers both SLD clusters for a larger treatment area. It is easy to use – built-in guidelines prompt you through decisions related to selection of parameters, then... view more

February 21  

METTLER thermalSoft Durapak Hot and Cold Packs For Sale

The Mettler ThermalSoft Durapak Hot and Cold Pack maintains an even temperature over the entire pad length. Because the Durapak is reusable, it saves you money. You can send packs home with your... view more

February 20

Asking Price:
$118 USD

MFI Medical
phone: +1 (800) 633-1558

DYNATRONICS Dynatron 950 Plus Ultrasound System Physical Therapy For Sale

Dynatron Dynatronics 950 Plus Ultrasound System.SN-958288. Tested to power on only and handpiece working. Has some marks. Comes with whats pictured only. Please contact me with any... view more

February 20

Asking Price:
$1,795 USD


CHATTANOOGA Intelect Mobile 2 RPW Intelect Mobile 2 RPW For Sale

Chattanooga’s Radial Pressure Wave technology is mobile. The Mobile 2 RPW (Radial Pressure Wave) is compact and light enough to be easily carried while also delivering a host of features and... view more

February 18  

CHATTANOOGA TRT 600 Triton DTS Decompression unit For Sale

Triton DTS Traction Unit (not sold separately) features: Fully programmable DTS pull patterns deliver pull forces that allow clinicians to utilize mechanical traction as an adjunctive therapy. ... view more

February 18  

CHATTANOOGA Vectra genesis For Sale

Chattanooga Vectra Genesis laser with 33 cluster diodes probe Contact us today for special pricing on this unit free shipping in the... view more

February 18  

DYNATRONICS D125B Dynatron 25 series D125B Portable Ultrasound For Sale

A New Standard for Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound The small lightweight design of the Dynatron 125 makes it easy to carry and move around the clinic. The battery powered option allows the device to... view more

February 18

Asking Price:
$1,050 USD


DYNATRONICS Solaris Plus ThermoStim Probe For Sale

********************** CALL US FOR A FEE DEMO ******************** Dynatron Solaris® Plus ThermoStim™ Probe The Dynatron ThermoStim Probe, an optional... view more

February 18  

ZIMMER Short -Wave Unit For Sale

************** CALL US FOR A FREE DEMO ********** Thermo Pro Short-Wave Therapy Short-wave therapy is an electrotherapeutic treatment in which... view more

February 18