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OLYMPUS Lf_GP Intubation Scope For Sale

OLYMPUS LF-GP Intubation Scope Sold As is no... view more

December 09  

OLYMPUS LF-TP Intubation Scope For Sale

zero Broken fibers includes battery light source valve included excellent condition... view more

December 09  

OLYMPUS LF-V Intubation Scope For Sale

LF-V In Stock and in Great Condition. We look forward to working with... view more

December 09  

STORZ Intubation system Telecam DX , Xenon Nova 175 and DCI II model 20262130 Intubation Scope For Sale

This is an offer for a Storz Intubation system including a Telecam DX image processor , Xenon Nova 175 light source and DCI II model 20262130 camera head with blade mounted on a Storz Endoview cart .... view more

December 09

Asking Price:
$3,250 USD