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Infusion Pump Repair Corp, Certified Expert Repair

Infusion Pump Repair (IPR) is a certified medical support and solutions company. We specialize in the repair, refurbishment and resale of infusion pumps. Call 1-855-477-8866 or email us:

DOTmed Certified

Adepto Medical - Friendly, Full-Service IV Pump Sales, Rental, and Repair

Adepto Medical is an infusion pump rental, sales, and service company. Our focus is to deliver to our customers the best product and customer service support we can offer. Call (913) 261-9933

DOTmed Certified


February 16

Asking Price:
$550 USD

Siella Medical your one stop Bio-med shop 888.688.6822 NOW ISO CERTIFIED

We buy, sell, and, repair all patient monitor equipment for all major OEM manufacturers. Infusion Pumps, telemetry, modules, fetal transducers, patient cables, gas analyzers and more. Call or email requests today!

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

ALARIS Syringe Driver CC Carefusion Syringe Pump Pump PCA For Sale

Carefusion Alaris CC syringe driver in good condition and working order Working on both battery and mains Supplied with UK power cable Shipping to UK -free Shipping to EU-24.99 Shipping... view more

February 15

Asking Price:
£109 GBP

Ionut Tamas / Online Medical
phone: +44 07926630567

HOSPIRA Lifecare PCA 3 Pump PCA For Sale

Hospira Lifecare PCA 3 Pump, Patient Ready with 90 day Warranty, and new battery. Patient Ready Tested Calibrated Certified 90 day Warranty Extended Warranty Available Please call or... view more

February 13

Asking Price:
$495 USD


SMITHS MEDICAL Cadd Solis Pump PCA For Sale or Rent

Cadd Solis available for rental or purchase 6 month warranty, plenty in... view more

February 13  
Brian Sobkowiak / Peak Medical Resources
phone: +1 (877) 761-1959 x101

ALARIS 8120 PCA Module Pump PCA For Sale

Completely refurbished and certified. We have (4) Alaris 8120 PCA Module in stock. Excellent condition!  Sold with a (1)-year warranty. Please contact us for updated quantities, pricing and... view more

February 12  

HOSPIRA GemStar 7 Pump PCA For Sale

13075-04-09 Hospira Docking station now included in price! PayPal, VISA & MasterCard or wire transfer payment. Overseas shipping available at cost. Also available: Hospira Software CD Hospira... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$75 USD


ABBOTT LABS LifeCare 4100 PCA + Pump PCA For Sale

This LifeCare PCA Plus II Infuser model 4100 pump appears in good working order. It complete self-tests without error, has a bright and complete display, an unblemished keypad and no cracks in the... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$45 USD


GRASEBY 3300 programable Pump PCA For Sale

Free shipping to the USA & Canada with PayPal payment. A Graseby 3400 syringe pump is also now available from RaynorShine Enterises at $325, shipping included (to the USA and Canada(. It is pictured... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$189 USD


ABBOTT LABS APM II Pain Manage Pump PCA For Sale

This is public heath system surplus in good working order. This Single channel infusion pump is for analgesia delivery. It has both Bolus & PCA modes. No AC power supply, Bolus remote or reservoir... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$19 USD


ABBOTT LABS Lifecare 4100 Plus Pump PCA For Sale

Abbott Labs Lifecare 4100 PCA/Infuser PCA Plus.... view more

February 06

Asking Price:
$30 USD


ALARIS 8015 Pump PCA For Sale

Alaris 8015 PCU - 4.7in Screen - 9.19.12 Software... view more

February 06

Asking Price:
$300 USD


ALARIS CAREFUSION 8015 & 8120 Pump PCA For Sale

VENDOR DESCRIPTION The Alaris PCA 8120 Infusion Pump Module paired with the Alaris PCU 8015 Module, is intended for facilities that use syringe pumps for the delivery of medications or fluids.... view more

February 05

Asking Price:
$1,595 USD