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SONOMED 200P Pachymeter For Sale

SONOMED 200P PACHYMETER Pachymeters, Ultrasounds, Pupilometers and A/B Scans Manufacturer: Sonomed Escalon Condition: Excellent! Model: 200P ALL THE EQUIPMENT WE OFFER IS BECAUSE WE HAVE ARE... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD

phone: +1 (800) 263-1837

MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES PalmScan P2000U Pachymeter For Sale

A True Peak Detecting Pachymeter When microns matter, PalmScan Delivers The PalmScan P2000 is an essential tool for corneal pachymetry. It gives the user the ability to quickly and accurately... view more

August 09  

MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES AP 2000 Pachymeter For Sale

The World’s Most Advanced A-Scan and Pachymeter biometer PalmScan AP2000 A-Scan and Pachymeter biometer is as essential tool for cataract surgeons who want satisfied patients. Whether you need... view more

August 09  

MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES PalmScan P2000FP Pachymeter For Sale

The PalmScan P2000 FastPach Pachymeter is the highest performance pen pachymeter available on the market today. This lightweight, easy to use device includes exclusive features that are not available... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$2,400 USD


REICHERT iPac Pachymeter For Sale

iPac® Pachymeter The Reichert iPac Pachymeter is the most advanced handheld pachymeter available. This easy-to-use, lightweight, hand held instrument includes all of the features that you have... view more

August 09  

DGH TECHNOLOGIES 55B Pachmate 2 Pachymeter For Sale

•Automatic Report Generation Using Wireless Bluetooth® Technology. •Ease of use. Turn on power and the Pachmate 2 is ready to take measurements. •Accuracy & Reproducibility. Proven measurement... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$2,495 USD


DGH TECHNOLOGIES 555B Pachette 4 Pachymeter For Sale

DGH 555B Pachette 4 •Automatic Report Generation Using Wireless Bluetooth® Technology. •Ease of use. Turn on power and the Pachette 4 is ready to take measurements. •Accuracy &... view more

August 09

Asking Price:
$1,995 USD


ACCUTOME AccuPach VI Pachymeter For Sale

Does your pachymeter have Digital Signal Analysis? Only the NEW AccuPach VI has Digital Signal Analysis, which offers outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The built in IOP conversion makes... view more

August 09  

ACCUTOME Pachpen Pachymeter For Sale

Accutome’s PachPen is the perfect combination of accuracy, portability and comfort. The superior ergonomic design fits comfortably in any hand, which is a major improvement from other handheld... view more

August 09  

TOMEY SP-1000 Pachymeter For Sale

Tomey SP-100 Handy Pachymeter - Compact Body - Built-in Printer - Simple, Quick and Easy Measurement - Rechargeable Battery with AC Adapter - 8 Readings with Average/Minimum/Latest Options -... view more

August 09  
Gus Nouel / Techni Eye Inc
phone: +1 (813) 598-7572

TOMEY AL-3000 Pachymeter For Sale

Tomey AL-3000 A-Scan/Pachymeter Combo - Axial Length & Corneal Thickness Measurements - Multiple IOL Power Calculation Windows - Easy-to-use Touch Screen Colored LCD - Compact & Lightweight ... view more

August 09  
Gus Nouel / Techni Eye Inc
phone: +1 (813) 598-7572

SONOGAGE Corneo-Gage Plus Pachymeter For Sale

Sonogage CORNEO-GAGE PLUS pachometers are acknowledged to be the easiest to use, most accurate and measurement-reproducible pachometers available. These benefits are due to the exclusive use of 50... view more

August 07

Asking Price:
$1,500 USD


ACCUTOME PachPen Handheld Pachymeter For Sale

Accutome PachPen Handheld Pachymeter Comes with User's Guide and... view more

August 06