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WOODLYN 55 Keratometer For Sale

Woodlyn Keratometer, model # 55-1150. Good, used condition. ONLY... view more

February 17

Asking Price:
$295 USD

John Granholm / Portland Medical LLC
phone: +1 (503) 232-0067

BAUSCH & LOMB Type 71-21 35 Manual Ophthalmometer~ One Paosition Keratometer For Sale

Product details Vendor: Bausch & Lomb Item: Keratometer - Ophthalmometer Model/Cat # 71-2135 Serial No. 1482 WH Made In: USA Date of manufacture NA Short... view more

February 16

Asking Price:
$150 USD

February 16

Asking Price:
$425 USD


ZEISS HUMPHREY 599 Automatic Refractor Keratometer For Sale

Item # 239024 Title: Zeiss Humphrey 599 Automatic Refractor/Keratometer Manufacturer: Zeiss Model: Humphrey 599 Description: Automatic Refractor/Keratometer Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD... view more

February 15

Asking Price:
$1,200 USD


TOPCON OM-4 Opthalmometer Keratometer For Sale

Item # 233300 Title: Topcon OM-4 Opthalmometer Keratometer Manufacturer: Topcon Model: OM-4 Opthalmometer Description: Keratometer Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Over All... view more

February 14

Asking Price:
$550 USD

February 14

Asking Price:
$250 USD


MICRO MEDICAL DEVICES USB Auto-Keratometer Keratometer For Sale

Introducing the World’s First Handheld USB Auto-Keratometer PalmScan K2000 Auto-Keratometer is a new biometry device offered by MMD. This innovative device is a useful tool for eye-care... view more

February 13

Asking Price:
$3,000 USD


S4OPTIK Javal Ophthalmometer Keratometer For Sale

The S4OPTIK Javal Ophthalmometer has high performances in reading and measuring the curvature radius of the cornea, its refractive power and corneal astigmatism. The instrument has a high examination... view more

February 13  

S4OPTIK Keratometer Keratometer For Sale

S4OPTIK Keratometer has improved on the standard by using current technology and time tested designs to produce this Keratometer. Obtain accurate corneal measurements quickly and easily with the... view more

February 13  

NIDEK Epic 2100 Keratometer System Keratometer For Sale

Keratometer System: Spec Model: ARK-700A MFG May 1999 Includes NIDEK Marco RT-2100 Refractor Control Box - Data Display Result of clinic closure ** Please reference item #180320-0014-03 when... view more

February 12

Asking Price:
$4,500 USD


HUMPHREY Acuitus 5015 Keratometer For Sale

Zeiss Humphrey Acuitus 5015 Autorefractor/Keratometer ... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$2,995 USD


BURTON 1040 Keratometer For Sale

Burton 1040 Keratometer -Powers on -Light operates -EXCELLENT cosmetic condition (a couple scratches) Contact us for more pictures or for video of this specific item! ~Thank you for your... view more

February 11

Asking Price:
$350 USD

Keith Paterson / DCSP Medical
phone: +1 (440) 479-4451

CANON K-1 Keratometer For Sale

Canon Auto Keratometer K1. Easy to use. Printer works, joy sick slides smoothly, an over all nice instrument. Takes K readings in just... view more

February 10

Asking Price:
$725 USD

February 10

Asking Price:
$75 USD