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JEOL JXA-733 Electron Microscope For Sale

The Electron Probe X Ray Microanalyzer JEOL JXA-733, allowing for observation of samples in secondary and back scattered electrons, qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical elements, EBSD... view more

June 09

Asking Price:
$19,000 USD

Sapas LLC
phone: +1 (713) 502-3780

JEOL JEM-1230 Electron Microscope For Sale

QAL# 7484-18985 Location: Iowa City, Iowa JEOL JEM-1230 transmission electron microscope with Gatan Ultrascan 1000 2K x 2K CCD cameral system and Gatan CryoTEM pumping station and holder. The... view more

May 20

Asking Price:
$15,000 USD

Angela Jones /
phone: +1 (334) 387-0515


FEI XL30 Electron Microscope For Sale

QAL# 11866-724 Location: Huntsville, Alabama FEI/Philips XL30 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope System as shown. System includes: Barry Controls Vibration Control Table EDAX... view more

May 11

Asking Price:
$3,050 USD

Angela Jones /
phone: +1 (334) 387-0515