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INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY ACL 8000 Coagulation Analyzer For Sale

With the recent additions of APCR-V, D-Dimer and von Willebrand Factor more then 27 applications are available on the ACL 8000. IL coagulation analyzers and reagents are perfectly matched. The... view more

September 25  

SIEMENS BFT II Coagulation Analyzer For Sale

Method: mechanical and photo-optical clot-detecting principles by employing a unique turbodensitometric detection device Tests: Automatic calculation of PT in sec, % of norm, INR, Fibrinogen in... view more

September 25  

DADE BEHRING BCS Coagulation Analyzer For Sale

Method: Photometric technology at various wavelengths Assays: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, factor assays, advanced D-dimer, protein C clotting and chromogenic, baxtroxobin time, AT-III, plasminogen, vWF... view more

September 25  

ACL Futura Plus Coagulation Analyzer For Sale

As is. ACL Futura Plus - Coagulation Analyzer Specification Manufactures: Instrumentation Laboratory Method: Chromogenic and clotting analysis ACL Futura’s compact size combined with its... view more

September 25  

SYSMEX CA-1500 Coagulation Analyzer For Sale

Good Condition. SYSMEX CA-1500 – Coagulation analyzer Specification Manufactures: Sysmex Method: Clotting: Scattered Light Detection Method, Percentage End Point Detection Method Method:... view more

September 25