Boston Scientific Launches Self-Expanding Nitinol Biliary Stent System

April 14, 2004
by Michael Johns, Project Manager
The major symptoms of malignant biliary obstruction result from a failure of bile to reach its proper destination which is often alleviated by the placement of a stent.

The Company's self-expanding stent diameter sizes, ranging from 5 mm to 24mm with the inclusion of the Sentinol system, offer new options for matching an appropriate stent to a given set of procedural demands.

"Adding this new stent to our self-expanding stent matrix gives physicians more options for choosing the right stent" remarks Paul LaViolette, Boston Scientific Senior Vice President and Group President, Cardiovascular.

Please read the disclaimer in the article that begins with: `This press release contains forward-looking statements. The Company wishes to caution the reader of the press release that actual results may differ from those discussed in the forward-looking statements and . . . `

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Submitted by Michael Johns, DOTmed, Staff Reporter