Sony brings 3-D monitor to the operating room

October 04, 2010
by Heather Mayer, DOTmed News Reporter
Sony will introduce the first-ever free-standing, 3-D medical-grade LCD display screen at this week's American College of Surgeons conference.

The screen - LMD-2451MT - will capture high-definition 3-D images from endoscopes and surgical microscopes. And it will enable minimally invasive surgeons to use the depth perception and spatial orientation provided by the screen and 3-D HD surgical cameras.

At the conference, the screen is being shown as a "work-in-progress."

Unlike other 3-D technologies, including 3-D television for consumers, which use head-mounted displays or battery-powered active-shutter glasses, Sony's monitor allows surgeons to wear lightweight polarized 3-D glasses. Surgeons using the screen and eyewear will be able to switch between 3-D and 2-D images without removing the glasses, the company said.

"The LMD-2451MT 3-D monitor incorporates the most advanced technology commercially available today, fine-tuned for the demanding operating room setting," said Brian Zimmer, manager of surgery marketing for Sony Medical Systems, in prepared remarks.