Josh Glas (left) of Adam Imaging Parts

Josh Glas of Adam Imaging Parts stops by the office

March 14, 2012
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Recently, Josh Glas visited our office in New York. We are neighbors, relatively speaking -- we're in lower Manhattan, he's in east Brooklyn. But although Josh's office is only 30 minutes away by car, this is the first chance we have had to meet.

Josh has been in the parts business since he was 15 and single-handedly built Adam Imaging Parts Inc.

Because of how active his account is on our site, I have no doubt that he's doing well. So when he visited our office, I asked him, "What is your secret?"

He explained: "Truthfully, it is old-fashioned values. We answer quotes quickly. We pack things carefully. We ship things quickly.

"We cannot offer training or advice on how to install the item but we make up for it with a good price.

"There is another important ingredient and that is knowing what to buy and what to pay for it. I am offered equipment every day but I have to buy equipment where the parts are useful and I have to buy it at the right price."

I also asked Josh whether the market for parts is growing or contracting. Instantly, Josh commented how he feels the parts market is growing but there is a lot more competition. Many more people are involved in parts, which makes it hard. Josh said, "If I wasn't in the parts business now, I probably would not enter the market."

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