Tips from the experts: MRI

September 26, 2012
Three tips to keep your equipment humming

  1. Preventive maintenance

  2. Timely PMs remove dust from electrical components and calibrate the machines. It is important to address emerging issues found during the PM before they lead to failure. Although the OEMs typically require quarterly PMs, some have reduced their on-site evaluation of equipment by opting to perform ‘virtual’ PMs. Logging into the system remotely to review error logs is not a substitute for seeing the system and its condition firsthand.

  3. Environmentals

  4. Environmental control for temperature and humidity is critical. Proper power, temperature and humidity keep the electronics performing at their designed levels. Hospitals and imaging centers save money through extended system life, availability for patient use and higher trade-in dollars from the system’s good condition.

  5. Critical care components

  6. Handle coils at all times with kid gloves as they are delicate pieces of equipment. Clean coils with only vendor-approved cleaning agents, inspect coils regularly for nicks in the cable and in the foam of covered coils. If the technologists find nicks or tears in the coil foam or cables they should bring it immediately to the engineer’s attention.

Experts contributing these tips were: Randal Walker, vice president of sales at Genesis Medical Imaging Inc; Rich Greb, manager at Image Technology Consulting; and Scott Simmons, vice president of engineering at Oxford Instruments Service.