Aytac Mavruk

Phil visits with Aytac Mavruk and talks about old fashioned values

September 26, 2012
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Today, Aytac Mavruk came to visit DOTmed's offices. Recently, and with less than three hours to make arrangements, he agreed to deinstall a rad room for my personal doctor in New York. The company that had originally agreed to do the job two months earlier, at the last minute, backed out because they wanted more money. My doctor knows I am in the business and called me and because Aytac was in the process of removing a special procedure room that he found on DOTmed, I called and asked if he would help my doctor on short notice.

Most people would have taken advantage of the situation recognizing we were facing a one day deadline to charge us more, but not Aytac. He gave me a reasonable price and pointed out that he was in business for the long term.

I was so grateful for his assistance, and for making me look good to my doctor, that I invited him to lunch.

When we met, he told me about the repeat customers he has in India, in the Middle East and in South America.

I asked Aytac why he thought he continues to get repeat business from his customers and why they sometimes come to him and ask him for help buying from other dealers.

Aytac explained that he does not try to take on more work than he can, and if he feels that he cannot do a first class job, he does not take on the job.

He said, "I can always earn more money, but I cannot replace my reputation."

I really was impressed with his calm and confident manner and it occurred to me that the most successful people in our industry remind me of Aytac. Maybe the most important quality that a successful person must learn is when to say "I am too busy to do that job or not qualified to do that job."

My doctor told me that the deinstallation of the rad room went very well. I am certainly glad that I met Aytac. I recommend him highly.