The U.S. health care sector is strong

February 06, 2013
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Last week in our online news, we wrote about how two companies have been investing more in health care, particularly imaging. I see this as a good sign for health care since these companies are known most for their consumer electronics divisions.

First, we reported that Philips, once known for inventing the audio cassette in the 70s, is selling off remnants of its audio and video business division to focus more on manufacturing imaging equipment.

In line with this shift, the electronics giant Samsung made news last week when it announced it had acquired NeuroLogica, a U.S. CT scanner manufacturer, most well known for its portable CT scanner.

According to Samsung, the acquisition represents the next step in expanding the company's push into medical imaging.

To top it off, the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out on February 1. Health care added 23 thousand jobs in January, mostly in ambulatory health care services.

Despite a slowly recovering U.S. economy, all of this sounds like good news for our industry.