Atlantis Worldwide relocates to Manhattan

June 12, 2013
by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor
Atlantis Worldwide announced on June 11 that is has relocated its headquarters from Yonkers, New York to Manhattan. The refurbished medical equipment distributor also said it has consolidated its shipping and warehouse functions and is expanding its core business.

"I think to be a successful company in today's difficult health care environment we need to be open to embracing change. That's what this move does for us," Jeff Weiss, Atlantis Worldwide CEO, told DOTmed News.

On June 3, Atlantis officially moved into new corporate headquarters in lower Manhattan. The company will maintain its Miami, Florida warehouse that it has been operating over the past two years. Inventory, distribution and refurbishing have been consolidated at this facility now, which the company said will help them continue to serve a worldwide market while at the same time streamlining operations.

"For my international and domestic customers there is no change. It doesn't impact customers in any negative way, if anything it's more positive," said Weiss.

In addition, Weiss said the company will continue to expand its product offerings with technologies aimed at extending device utility and functionality. In 2012, Atlantis was made the exclusive U.S. distributor of SafeCT image enhancement systems, a dose-lowering CT scanner technology.