David and Ruth Stopak

Phil visits Ruth and David Stopak

August 14, 2013
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
I was in Birmingham, Alabama this week, one of America's best kept secrets, and had the pleasure of visiting with Ruth and David Stopak. David is the president of A. Imaging Solutions and also an IAMERS member. Ruth and David invited me to dinner and I also had the chance to tour their company office, which is very neat and modern. I was very impressed.

David, who is also a former engineer, has a showroom/demonstration room for C-arms and ultrasound machines. In the back of the office, he has a large warehouse/storage area for CT scanners and MRI systems. He also has mobile trailer parking out back.

David shared with me that Birmingham is well located geographically in the U.S., and as a result, not only does the company store the equipment David buys, but it stores equipment for other clients as well.

In our conversation at dinner, we talked about how the industry is changing and how there are so many people in the business now who specialize in different things, which is to say that most people provide top service because they specialize.

David is also part of Clear MRI Solutions, a company that patented an upgrade technique that turns a 4-channel GE MRI into an 8-channel. Right now the company is waiting on FDA approval for the upgrade solution.

While I was in Birmingham, I also met David's mother who is very lovely and charming, as well Ruth and David's two sons. I really enjoyed Birmingham and visiting with the Stopaks. I hope to be back again soon.