What's the future of mobile imaging?

October 30, 2013
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
At DOTmed, we feel it's our responsibility to be ahead of the curve and be ready to provide services today that are needed tomorrow. And one of the areas I feel will grow is in mobile and interim imaging.

In order to see if I'm on the right track, I've been visiting sites in the country that cater to storing, repairing, and performing maintenance on mobile trailers. I did the same thing 18 months ago and this time around, I see a distinct difference in units being worked on and the frequency with which they come and go. It's a big increase in my opinion.

It's in my unscientific prediction that we'll see a rise in the use of mobile, semi-permanent and interim diagnostic imaging systems.

I predict a rise in CT and and MRI over PET. And I predict mobile mammo studies will benefit from this.

This is good news for the pre-owned sector since many of the trailers are refurbished.

Finally, I see this as a direct link to the Affordable Care Act because there will be more demand yet more fear of buying.