New Year, new title and foreign flavor at RSNA

January 01, 2014
by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor
Happy New Year everyone. We have a fresh start to 2014 with our new magazine name change. The online news will still be known on the site as DOTmed Daily News, but we have made a commitment to incorporate some new regular features. These will include seeking out more opinions on divisive topics, inviting qualified end-users to serve on a technology review panel to rate equipment, and asking hospitals and health care providers to tell us about innovative ways they are improving health care and reducing costs as well as asking them about the acts of charity they are involved with. On that note, we are encouraging you to share your stories with us.

We also wrapped up the year with lots of news from RSNA. You'll see our coverage on the next few pages in a special RSNA section. I think everyone can agree that the international presence seemed to be way up this year - in both attendance and exhibitors. In fact, we heard that several European providers won't even go to ECR-even though that show is obviously much more conveniently located for them. At RSNA this year, there were pavilions dedicated to Korean, German, and Japanese companies, a "France Presents" area split between two booths focusing on oncologic imaging, and of course, a slew of foreign-based stand-alones. RSNA also did its part to support the worldwide presence: this year they expanded the Global Connection booth and offered sessions in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. One OEM representative also told DOTmed News that translation services at the booth was becoming an increasing necessity.

But that's just one of the takeaways from this year's show. See the others we listed in our "Top five things you may have missed" story. And as always, please get in touch with any comments or suggestions.