What does the future hold for GE Healthcare?

April 23, 2014
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
GE Healthcare, or as it was known in the past, GE Medical Systems, was always one of the biggest and most successful companies in health care.

Over time, GE grew to be larger and larger and they expanded in many directions.

I do not have to tell anyone reading this that health care sales have dropped off in the U.S. and for that matter, around the world, and that all health care related companies are suffering.

Jeff Immelt, CEO and chairman of the board of GE, recently said that the company plans to take a hard look at underproducing business units and divest some of them this year. GE came very close to meeting its numbers and probably would have if GE Healthcare and GE Capital had performed better (it is ironic because GE Capital was another giant in the field).

I have had the occasion to deal with people from many companies and probably because GE is so big, they have a very rigid management style.

Obviously, that works in some business units and does not work in others. Maybe the message is to give the executives and managers in industries that are under pressure a longer leash, and more flexibility, rather than to divest.

I will be very disappointed if GE Healthcare gets broken up. But in the end, GE Healthcare manufactures great products and I am sure those products are here to stay. In fact, we recently covered the release of GE Healthcare's Revolution CT scanner. You can check out that story here.