6 Questions with Laser Locators

November 14, 2014

DOTmed: What differentiates you from your competitors?
Our business has been built by establishing long term relationships with manufacturers, distributors and doctors around the world. We are the only company in the United States that is supported by all of the top manufacturers in our business including Abbott Medical Optics (AMO), Alcon, Ziemer USA, Bausch & Lomb (Technolas Perfect Vision), Nidek, and Lightmed. This means we are able to refurbish and service our equipment using manufacture specific parts to as close to new as possible, but we can also warranty our equipment, as well as involve the manufacturer should we run into a problem we cannot solve.

Combined our company has over 40 years’ experience in the Ophthalmic industry, from the introduction of the excimer laser in Lasik to offering the first used Femtosecond Cataract laser on the market, we have done it all.

Our staff consists of factory trained laser engineers to professionals that have owned and operated their own surgery center, so our knowledge, advice, and the relationships we offer set us so far apart from anyone in this industry.

We also operate out of a luxurious, state of the art 12,000 square foot sales and service laser facility in Tampa Florida that is like nothing else in our industry. Just as we handle our refurbished equipment, our facility was built custom and exhibits every last detail of who we are.

DOTmed: Give us a snapshot of your business.
Laser Locators was created to help doctors buy and sell used lasers, and other ophthalmic equipment, as conveniently and as affordable as possible. Technology changes rapidly and patients are better educated than ever before, and keeping up with what drives patient volume to your practice is essential. We specialize in helping you provide your patients with the latest refractive lasers, surgical equipment, and diagnostic equipment upgrades that help you ensure growth.

Sean O’Donnell, President of Laser Locators, has been in ophthalmology sales and marketing for over 23 years. As the refractive surgery market grew, he saw the need for a comprehensive resource providing doctors with a one-stop-shop for their entire refractive laser and ophthalmic equipment needs. With several years of refractive practice marketing and sales experience under his belt, Sean was a natural fit to fulfilling that need. Sean has honed his skills and knowledge through years of experience with Chiron Vision (now B & L), Summit/Autonomous (now Alcon), and by owning and operating his own refractive surgery center.

DOTmed: What makes you most proud of your company?
We are proud of our flawless reputation in the industry. Whether you ask an Ophthalmologist in our industry or a manufacturer executive, they will have nothing but positive things to say about Laser Locators. Our philosophy of "always doing the right thing" is easier said than done. We are confident in stating that our reputation can be verified by anyone in the industry that has done business with our company.

However, we are most proud that we have created a great work environment for our staff which has attracted the most talented Professionals in the industry.

DOTmed: What new or recent technology is 'hot' in your field?
We recently purchased the first Femtosecond Cataract laser on the used market. We feel this will be the next big wave of the used laser market and are excited to be the first company trained and involved on how to de-install, ship and care for a femtosecond cataract laser.

We believe the hottest technology to come up on the used market is Femtosecond Cataract lasers. Due to our excellent reputation the manufacturers have embraced our involvement. They support us and our customers in the resale. The manufacturers have also been instrumental in giving us the training and support needed to properly de-install and refurbish these lasers.

Having the manufacturers support will insure that the buyer will get the product and support they will need to implement this new technology successfully into their practice.

DOTmed: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that you face?
In our business we don’t manufacture any products. Therefore we are always managing our buying and selling strategy. While always striving to offer fair deals, we must manage that against the ability to show a profit after all the expenses we incur from these large purchases.

The opportunities continue to show themselves. Although the obvious femtosecond cataract lasers we have purchased are exciting. There is also some less known companies that have developed fantastic products. It is important to do thorough due diligence when taking on a new product line. We have had great success in choosing the new product lines that we represent.

DOTmed: What outside forces are affecting your business the most?
The economy continues to drive our segment. Our persistence in being a detail oriented company has given the Drs. confidence that we will give them the best available products and support in our industry.