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Conducting Facility Vulnerability Assessments

August 21, 2006
by Michael Johns, Project Manager
Homeland Defense Journal Training Conferences (R) - Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment -
An Interactive Three-Day Workshop on Conducting Facility Vulnerability Assessments

October 17-19, 2006
Falls Church, VA

Student comments from our last class just last month...
Worth every penny! There are no other courses available that teach the fundamentals of doing a TA and VA." Tracy DeWitt, Southwest Tennessee Community College, Adjunct Faculty. "Every Police Department should have one of their senior officers attend this training. An eye opener!" County Police Chief.
"Great class! As often happens in a room full of senior "practitioners", this session was also a great forum for us all to discuss how the CARVER TA/VA process is relevant to our own work. Plus, we now have a 'real-world' methodology that we can use to conduct VA's in a very cost-effective manner. We'll take this back and use it for a number of projects we are considering." David L. Jones, Principal Security Specialist, Washington Safety Management Solutions

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About This Training Workshop
At the Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment workshop you will become proficient in the use of the CARVER methodology to assist you in the analysis and examination of the interrelationships between assets, threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures that protect a facility. CARVER is a unique analytical tool because it facilitates both a qualitative and a quantitative assessment of a facility's vulnerabilities based on offensive and defensive methodologies. Using a combination of classroom and field exercises, you will learn and apply the principles of this methodology.

During the Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment workshop you will conduct an actual vulnerability assessment at a government or private sector facility with active cooperation from local law enforcement. This workshop, taught by leading counter-terrorism and security experts, provides you with a methodical and practical approach identifying assets most attractive to attack by an adversary based upon the following key factors:

Criticality - Identify critical assets, single points of failure or "choke points"

Accessibility - Determine ease of access to critical assets

Recoverability - Compare time it would take to replace or restore a critical asset against maximum acceptable period of disruption

Vulnerability - Evaluate security system effectiveness against adversary capabilities

Effect - Consider scope and magnitude of adverse consequences that would result from malicious actions and responses to them

Recognizability - Evaluate likelihood that potential adversaries would recognize that an asset was critical

What You Will Learn
How to employ the principles of the CARVER methodology to conduct your own field exercises for your - or your client's - facility or an asset of that facility
How to use the results of the assessment to formulate and prioritize risk reduction recommendations
How to prepare a Vulnerability Assessment report

What Previous Attendees Said About This Workshop:
"This course brings all walks of security together, it provides a wealth of experience to bear on how this methodology can be applied. The field work was eye opening." Robert Hargesheimer, US Navy, Site Installation Manager

"Loved the interaction of students and instructor. Varied attendees gave many points of view and shared experiences." Henry Britt, The Response Group

"Valuable class. Provided a good mix of backgrounds and experience and presented material in a manner that was great for novices and pros alike." J. Phil Harmon, Washington Group International, Manager, Read Team Operations

"Excellent course for developing a fundamental understanding of the Carver Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Process." Kevin Nowak, U.S. Department of Energy, Security Specialist

"Great course! Exceeds expectations and professional requirement. The training will have a positive and dynamic impact on the scope and depth of information processing." Mark. K Gerwig, NSWC Crane, EOD Project Specialist

Who Should Attend
* Federal, state and local security and operations managers
* U.S. civil agencies, government building/facilities managers, and companies with critical infrastructure to be protected
* Anyone involved in guard protection services, law enforcement, corrections, or other types of security providers and consultants
* Any professional responsible for conducting and documenting security evaluations and audits

About the Telemus Solutions Instructors
Leo E. Labaj - Vice President, Infrastructure Protection Services
Mr. Labaj is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, the Air National Guard and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has managed research and development programs and applied science projects for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Intelligence Community, and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Mr. Labaj has over 30 years of government and commercial experience in directing and supporting operational, technical and research efforts involving security planning, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-insurgency, weapons proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, arms and contraband interdiction, special operations, explosives and hazardous materials disposal, and quality assurance.

Tom McCoig - Senior Security Consultant
Mr. McCoig is a security risk management professional with 29 years of combined military, law enforcement, safety, and security expertise. His diverse background represents a unique blend of operational, technical, tactical, and managerial skills that provide practical solutions for the security issues facing industry, communities, and government today.

Leo West, MPA, MFS - EOD and Counterterrorism Specialist
Mr. West came to Telemus Solutions from the FBI where he served as an FBI Supervisory Agent retiring with over 26 years experience in the U.S. Departments of Justice and Treasury, having gained extensive experience directing and conducting various counter-terrorism, criminal and crime scene investigations as a manager, investigator, and expert forensics specialist in the field of explosives and hazardous devices. He is a current certified Bomb Technician and qualified Court Expert in explosives and hazardous devices, having spent 17 years as a "street agent" and 9 years as an Examiner in the FBI Laboratory's Explosives Unit.

Course Syllabus - Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, daily.
Section 1: Introduction - Why We Are Here
Section 2: TAVA Course Objectives
Section 3: History of CARVER
Section 4: Introduction to CARVER Methodology
Section 5. Threat Assessments
Section 6. Design Basis Threat
Section 7. Pair Wise
Section 8. Target Analysis (TA)
Section 9. Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
Section 10. Vulnerability Assessment Practical Exercises

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